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Writing In Suburbia #15: It All Happens At The Bar

This week on Writing In Suburbia I fight Mexican drug cartels while my sidekick, Johnny Guns, woos the local madame to get information on the deadly Russian plot to take over Murica!

Or I talk about networking and the importance of friendships and professional connections in the industry. In essence: why writers drink so much.

It all happens at the bar!

Plus I decide it’s a good day to wash sheets.


Friday Night Drabble Party!

Folks, it is that time of the week again! RITUAL HUMAN SACRIFICE TIME!

What? That’s Wednesdays? And we aren’t supposed to talk about it? Not to anyone? Ever?

Well, that’s a bummer. What’s the point of sacrificing one’s enemies if you can’t brag about it on one’s blog and/or social media? Sometimes I question the morals of this country.

Hey! Speaking of morals! Did you know Z-Burbia is only $.99 right now? AND, if you buy it you can add on the audiobook for only $1.99 more? Hot damn!


Now, on to tonight’s drabble! HUZZAH!



The Loop Never Stops
Jake Bible

Trapped. The current data is processed at two gigabytes per second. The loop never stops.

Cassie stared at the words on her screen. She glanced over her left shoulder. No one was watching her. She glanced over her right shoulder. Herb was watching, but that perv was always watching.

Trapped. Enter protocol for return. The current data is processed at three gigabytes per second. Exponential growth. Cannot maintain position. The loop never stops.

Cassie was about to reply when Herb cried out then vanished into his monitor. Into it. Then gone.

Cassie decided it was time to go to lunch.



Disclaimer: Then…I got in.

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Hello, Friday, my old friend. I’ve got 100 words again.

In sentences softly creepy, in paragraphs that are something something…

Okay, I couldn’t keep it going. It’s early when I am writing this and coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. But, for you, my brave fans of micro-fiction, it is FRIDAY NIGHT DRABBLE PARRRRRRRTY TIIIIIIIIIMMMME!

You know what? Let’s get right to the party. If you feel like checking out any books -ebook, print, or audio- just clickety clack any of those menu titles above. They will take you to a world of wonder!


Now, on to the drabble!



Modern City Life
Jake Bible

The subway rattled down the tracks while Holston stared at his hands. The other passengers had gotten off at the last few stops, leaving the car empty, a decaying mausoleum of modern city life.

Holston coughed. He didn’t cover his mouth, just watched the droplets of spittle hit the deck of the subway car, adding to the years of grime and gunk.

He wiped at his mouth and the back of his hand came away bloody.

It was too late.

Holston set his hand on his jeans and closed his eyes, ready for the end of the world to begin.



Disclaimer: You can’t take it with you when you die. Whatever it is.

Friday Night Drabble Party

Well, hello there! Nice to see you have returned for more 100 word goodness!

Now, before we dive into micro-fiction heaven (BECAUSE IT IS HEAVEN!), how about I mention a couple of important things? You don’t mind, do you?

I didn’t think so.

I really only have two things to mention: the Z-Burbia 6 audiobook and the Mega 3 audiobook are ready and waiting for your mighty, mighty earholes to consume! Bam!

Click the pics below and be transported to an aural experience that is sure to delight and fill you with wonder. IT WILL FILL YOU WITH WONDER!


Now, onto the drabble!



It Was Not Over
Jake Bible

The car screamed around the corner, the driver desperate to escape his pursuer. He whipped the wheel this way, that way, back and forth, dodging the other cars, his foot pressing the accelerator all the way to the floor.

The impact was sudden. The driver screamed. He became wedged against the guardrail. It was not over. Six other cars joined in. Impact after impact made the driver’s head snap back again and again.

“Ow,” Bobby said as he walked down the exit plank. “They need higher headrests in those things.”

“Don’t be a baby,” Allison laughed. “They’re just bumper cars.”



Disclaimer: Be not afraid of the carnie life, for the carnie life is a glamourous life!


New Releases! New Audiobooks!

Howdy, folks!

Got a couple new audiobooks for your precious earholes! Click away and then choose your favorite retailer!




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