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Friday Night Drabble Party!

We are back! Another Friday and another Drabble!


But, before we party, did you see my announcement about the fifth ScareScapes book dropping? Yep. ScareScapes Book Five: End Of Life Exams! is now out and ready for your eyes to read, read, read! It may be for 8-12 year olds, but screw that! You’ll want to read this series too!


Now, on to the micro-fiction!



Float Above
Jake Bible

Missy sat there, her chin cupped in her hands, her eyes locked onto the man on stage. She couldn’t turn away, couldn’t even stop staring to pick up her drink (twelve dollars!) and have a sip. All she could do was watch his fingers and how they flew across the guitar strings.

As the song ended, Missy sighed and eased back, relaxing into her plush chair. She watched the last of the musical notes float above her head. The man on stage said a few words of gratitude into the microphone, but Missy didn’t care. She wasn’t there for words.



Disclaimer: What’s that sound coming out of the hole in the wood? It’s the guitar!

Writing In Suburbia #10: Prepare For Success!


Here be Episode 10 of Writing In Suburbia. I talk a lot about how, as writers, we prepare for failure and rejection, but rarely do we prepare for success. You know, when things actually go right. That’s a lot harder to deal with than you think.

I also enjoy a nice cup of warm coffee. Mmmmm, coffee…


Friday Night Drabble Party!

Well, hello there! Back for more awesome micro-fiction? FREE micro-fiction? I know you are, you little scamps, you!

Don’t forget, folks, that you can subscribe to this blog/website/vomitorium by clicking on that handy link above. See the orange square peeking out in the header? Yeah, that. Click on it and you can be alerted every time a new Drabble Party gets a rockin’! How cool is that?


Now, before we get into tonight’s drabble, how about a little pimpin’?

Z-Burbia 6: Rocky Mountain Die is racking up some serious 5-star reviews!

Reign of Four has two books out and book three will be dropping September 1st!

Writing In Suburbia hit a milestone of 1,000 downloads per episode!

*end pimpin’*

On to the drabble!



Rebelliously Bored
Jake Bible

Sentries lined the boulevard, their chrome plating shining brightly in the afternoon sun.

Morgan frowned, rebelliously bored.

“The High Officer should have been here by now?” Morgan said.

“He’s only thirty minutes late,” Loughlin replied. “That’s early for him.”

“We’re forced to attend these processions and the guy doesn’t show?” Morgan grumbled. “I got shit to do, man.”

A few spectators shifted uncomfortably, moving away as Morgan uttered his unsanctioned, traitorous words.

“Chill,” Loughlin hissed. “You want to be repurposed into a sentry?”

Morgan stared at the line of metal guards. “At least I’d be lobotomized, instead of just bored.”




Writing In Suburbia #9: Privileged Peeves!

Welcome back to more of Writing In Suburbia!

In this episode I talk about what bugs me about being a pro writer while totally owning up to how lucky I am to be doing what I do. It’s pure privileged whining, that’s for sure.

And I rant about how neglected our public education system is. RANT!


Friday Night Drabble Party!

Is it that time again? Yes, it is!

Friday Night Drabble Party!

All your free micro-fiction needs in one place!

Before you read the fiction, maybe you should check out the latest episode of Writing In Suburbia. If you want to know more about the life of a pro writer or the issues pro writers deal with, then get all clickety clickety and have a listen. You’ll thank me.

suburbiaNow, on to the drabble!



So Bored
Jake Bible

We’ve been on this planet for eighty-three days now.

I am so bored.

Littleton has figured out how to recycle our urine so it is semi-palatable. Okay, it’s not even close to palatable, but at least its cold.

Foster has confirmed that the tuber-like plants are not edible. He died about an hour ago.

I set half our oxygen supply on fire accidentally. So, there’s that.

Have I mentioned I’m bored?

What the hell is Collier doing over there? Oh. Seriously?

Soooooo booooored.

I wonder if I can get Littleton and Collier to fight?

Let’s find out.


Disclaimer: Even cold, urine still tastes like piss.


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