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Writing In Suburbia #6: Bring Me The Formula!

In this episode I chat about my specific formula for writing a novel a month. Well, not really a month. Actually, it is a… Oh, just listen to the damn podcast!

And I talk about my Jeep. And other stuffs. I probably hate on social media.


Oh, and buy this stuff!

Reign of Four

MEGA (only $.99!)

Z-Burbia 6: Rocky Mountain Die!


Writing In Suburbia #5: Juggling Act!


In the fifth episode of Writing In Suburbia, I discuss the juggling act of figuring out what to write next. I discuss the problem of committing to projects too soon which could lead to missing prime opportunities that haven’t shown up yet. It’s not a Catch-22, not a Sophie’s Choice, it’s a juggling act!

I also talk about cleaning the kitchen. Because that place gets gross.


Oh, and hey, before you start listening, be sure and check out the $.99 deal on In Perpetuity!

Not to mention that today is the release of the ebook for Reign of Four: I!


Writing In Suburbia #4: Be Your Social Media Self

It’s another week which means there is another episode of Writing In Suburbia!

This week I jabber about social media and how much I really dislike the rules that have been forced on to people when it comes to what you can and cannot do as a writer. Or even as a person. I do my ramble rant thing.

I also talk a little about AntiBio 2 and why you need to leave a review if you’ve read it!

Check it out.

Writing In Suburbia #2: Death By Taxes!

Howdy, Y’all!

Time for another episode of Writing In Suburbia. This week’s episode is about the importance of paying attention to your taxes. Seriously.

Of course, I make the topic fun. No, I don’t. That’s a lie. Taxes are never fun. But they are important. Have a listen. It could save you some heartbreak and headaches.

Also, I mock John Green for being in Paris. Not really. Good for John Green being in Paris. I envy that bastard some days.

And, since this is about everyday life, I explain the importance of mowing my lawn. Good times.

Feel free to comment or send in questions via email or tweet. Word!


Writing In Suburbia #1: Ramble On, Brave Writer, Ramble On…

Hey  Y’all!

I have started a new podcast. It’s just me chatting in front of a mic, talking about being a pro writer and all the stuffs that goes with that. I touch on my writing routine, life with the Fam, and all the everyday things that go on when you write full time in suburbia. No New York publishing fantasy here, folks!

Have a listen and feel free to comment and let me know what you think. You can also subscribe on iTunes soon. I’m in the middle of transitioning the podcast from my old Jake Bible Audio Fiction podcast to Writing In Suburbia, so I’ll post the link when the title changes on iTunes. [Edit: here’s the iTunes link ]



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