Friday Night Drabble Party!

Well, I missed last week’s Party. Why? If you follow me on the socialized media then you know I had a bit of a fight with my gallbladder. It wanted to let a 2cm gallstone run willy nilly through my bile duct and I didn’t want it to do that.

It won.

I didn’t have to have surgery, but it came close. I passed that puppy while waiting in the emergency room!

Too much information? Oh, please. I’ve written about way more disgusting stuff. Get over it.

What does that have to do with Friday Night Drabble Party? Nothing. I just thought I’d clue you in on what’s going on.

Get on with the drabble? Okay, okay, keep your corsets on, people.


Bottom Rung


Disclaimer: What you don’t do is felt just as much as what you do.

And don’t forget to check out Metal and Ash! The grand finale to the Apex Trilogy which started with DEAD MECH and The Americans! Just click that cover of DEAD MECH to your right there. CLICK IT!

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