Friday Night Drabble Party Postponed

Evening folks.

In the wake of today’s tragedy I decided that the drabble I had planned would not be appropriate in any way, shape or form. As a parent of two children, and the husband of a public school educator, my heart is broken over what has happened in Connecticut.

Today is NOT the day for a debate on gun control, but that debate will have to happen. And by debate I mean a rational discourse by both sides. No more “they’ll take our guns!” and no more “get rid of all guns!”. Children and adults have died. At some point soon people will need to act like grown-ups and sit down at the table and get this shit figured out. Before more families are destroyed.

Do me a favor, will you? Hug your loved ones, kiss and hold your children, and thank whatever you believe in that you have what you have, because tomorrow it may not be there.

Peace. Love. Hope.


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