Friday Night Drabble Party!

The first Party of 2013 and it will be a doozy!

I had mentioned before that starting in 2013 the Party was gonna change a bit. How? Well, it is now an open invite Party! What does that mean? It means you get to bring your own Drabbles to the party!

How will that work? I’ll still be posting my Drabble each week. have a read and then instead of a subject free for all, go ahead and add your own drabble in the comments section below that either builds on mine or is stays close to it.

Example: My drabble is about space aliens that find a football on their planet. You can keep going with the story or you can write a drabble about a different set of aliens that find a baseball. Or maybe humans that find some alien sports paraphernalia. Or a lonesome football that was left behind after interstellar settlers abandoned a planet. Get where I’m going with it?


Each week I’ll pick the drabble that I think fits best and just grabs me. I’ll talk about it during the following week’s Party. Right now it isn’t a contest, but in the future it could be. I’ll see what prizes I can wrangle up!

So get to counting those words, folks! Have fun!


Tonight, For Once


Disclaimer: There is no right or wrong way to write a drabble. Just wrong word counts.

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  1. brighteyeddyer

    Without dropping her gaze, she said to her friend, “You drink it” as she shoved her drink away and stood.

    She smoothed her hands sensually down her sides as she walked–slowly, seductively–to his table.

    He stared into her emerald eyes, transfixed. Neither one spoke.

    Ever so slowly, she reached her hand out as if to caress his face. He closed his eyes in anticipation of her touch.

    Her hand smashed down on top of his head and as green ooze slid down his cheek she said in a shakey voice, “You had the biggest spider on your head.”

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