Friday Night Drabble Party!

Welcome back to the Party!

I was glad to see we had a guest join the Party last week. Very nice. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then please go back and read last week’s Drabble and the drabble in the comments.

So, like I promised, I would talk about the drabbles in the comments. The one drabble fit well with the story in the one I posted. It took up where mine left off and continued the narrative. If I were to criticize, and who the hell am I to do that, I would say that the “punchline” ending may have been a bit much. But that’s just me. After having written hundreds and hundreds of drabbles over the years I have shied away from the punchline. Well, most of the time. We all know a good punchline is hard to resist. But overall an excellent addition!

Thanks to brighteyeddyer for joining in the Party! You all should get in on this too! have an extra 100 words just hanging out? Throw them up here! But, remember that the 100 words should build on, or expand, or be related in some way to the drabble I post.

And here that drabble be!


Down Below


Disclaimer: Oh, Ancient Ones, I pray that these hundred words will appease your mighty wrath!

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  1. “So this is the boy who found it? Come here lad.” Horatio knelt on the barn’s dirt floor and took the boy’s shoulder.
    Tears cut through caked dirt on the boy’s cheek. His left eye was more swollen than his tears could account for.
    “Leave him, Horatio.” Greeley plucked a few notes from his wallet and let them fall.
    “Surely we can find work for him in the lab?”
    “Your penchant for young boys will be the death of you.” Greeley pulled Horatio to his feet.
    “Papa no!” The boy screamed.
    A slime drenched tentacle shot out from the bucket.

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