Friday Night Drabble Party!

And another week is down! Time to bring up the Party!

Welcome to another fun filled drabble night, ya’ll.

It looks like we have been having one participant a week in the Drabble Party. Come on, people! Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell Crazy Charlie down the street (if you can get him to put the nail gun down)! TELL THE WORLD!

Why? Because it’s fun, yo. It. Is Fun. FUN!

Last week’s response was great. It kept the narrative going and also added a bit to it. Of course, the spirit of the Lovecraftian mythos is to add to it and make it your own. Gotta love H.P.! Thanks to Heyes for joining in!

Do you want to join in? Go ahead! Just add your 100 word drabble in the comments section below. It can add to the story, continue right where it left off, go on a tangent, just be “inspired” by, or whatever your muse brings to you. Just make it related to tonight’s drabble somehow. That’s all there is to it!

And speaking of tonight’s drabble, here ya go.


Plan A


Disclaimer: I do not condone the dismembering and disposal of cryptozoological creatures. Just sayin’.

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  1. A Strange Thing Happened on the Way Back from Prison

    “Goddamned college kids.” Jenny pulled away from the rifle’s scope, flipped open her mother’s flash, and took a swig.
    “They’re just gonna bury it?” Carrie said.
    “And what do you think all that lye is for, decoration? I swear Ma I should left you to rot in that damned cruiser.” Jenny slung the rifle over her should and motioned with a nod towards the cluster of stumbling drunks. “You still got that asshole’s badge?” She asked her mother. Carrie patted her pockets with a second’s panic and smiled when she found it, still spattered with the cop’s blood.

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