Friday Night Drabble Party!

Tis the season for a party! A DRABBLE PARTY!

Once more, 100 words have sprung from my mind and onto the page. Or screen. Wherever semi-sentient, semi-autonomous words spring to. Whatevs.

Hey, before we dive into merry making of tonight’s drabble, how about taking a look at For A Few Credits More. Great anthology and not just because I’m in it! If you dig scifi, especially military scifi, then these are the short stories for you! And for those that want more than space explosions and lots of pew pew pew, there are some amazing character-driven stories in here too (perhaps one written by yours truly). Have a look.

Now, on with the drabble!



Stand And
Jake Bible

“Six elves left.”

“You sure? We leave one elf and that little bastard will rip us apart.”

“I know my job, Prancer.”



“I’m Donner.”

“You are?”

“Jesus, Rudolph, can’t you tell us apart?”

“You’re just a bunch of dicks to me, man.”

“Sure. Born with a special nose and you think you’re above everyone.”

“Really? Are we going to do this right now? Are we? We have an elf problem here, Prancer!”


“See previous dick comment!”



“Where are you going? Prancer! Donner! Whatever your name is! Stand and fight, you wimp! STAND AND––! AAAAAAAAAA!!!”



Disclaimer: Happy Holidays!

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