For appearance requests, please contact Jake at


ConCarolinas- May30th- June 1st

Asheville Comic Expo (ACE)- September 21st

Nashville Comic Con- September 26th-28th

Little Dead Man book signing/reading at Malaprop’s Bookstore RSVP Here


World Horror Con- May 7th-10th

ConCarolinas- May 29th-31st

DragonCon- September 4th-7th

Asheville Zombie Walk (costume judge!)- October 11th


Writers Coffeehouse- January 18th

Writers Coffeehouse- February 22nd

Writers Coffeehouse- March 21st

Writers Coffeehouse- April 18th

Great Expectations Bookstore- May 7th

Authors For Action: Kill The Bill- May 18th

Middle Grade panel/reading at Malaprop’s Bookstore and Cafe- May 21st

Writers Coffeehouse- May 23rd

ConCarolinas- June 3rd-5th

Writers Coffeehouse- September 19th

GuildCon- September 23rd-25th

Writers Coffeehouse- October 24th


Fantastical Insanity with John Hartness and Jake Bible at Malaprop’s Bookstore & Cafe- January 17th

Writers Coffeehouse- March 20th

ConCarolinas- June 2-4th

DragonCon- September 1-4th


  1. I just finished Z-burbia 5. I loved the series and especially loved Longpork as a character. I listened to the audiobooks as I have bad eyesight. Thanks for getting that option available to your fans. I will get any stories about the sisters in the future. And would love to read a story (long or short story) about the day Longpork moved into the gated community pre-Z. Many how he met his neighbors, a block party or cook out, a bad day on the job dealing with people, or any other story from the mind of the man that came up with the inner dialogue of Longpork’s mind. It is great stuff. Thanks.

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