Free Audiobook Codes

Free Audiobook Codes!!!

No, seriously. is hosting listings for free Audible copies of several of my audiobooks! For US and the UK!

Just click on the image below for the audiobook you want and it will take you directly to that page. Or you can click on the pic to see a listing of everything I have up on that site. This has really been a great way for me to get my codes out there and keep track of redemptions. Otherwise I’d be doing spreadsheet math forever.

Take as many codes as you want! This helps push the audiobooks up in the rankings which gives them more exposure. Also, if you have time, please write a review. It helps.

And keep checking this page. I’ll be adding more titles over the next couple of months.

Some serious FYI! Please read before clicking!

The website can get bogged down. It may take a few minutes for a page to load. The folks there are very aware, so don’t bug them about it. I’m very aware, so no need to let me know. It gets bogged down simply because A LOT of people are trying to get free codes all at the same time. It’s like an all day, everyday Black Friday Sale.

Also, according to the owner/creator/host of the website (who is incredibly helpful!) codes can come and go. Here’s what he says:

“When a visitor clicks the “Get a promo code” button and they choose their region, a code is shown. At that time, the code is locked in my system for 15 minutes. During that time, it won’t be shown to anyone else and the ticker count goes down one. When the user hits the redeem button, the code is locked for good and won’t be given to anyone else. If the user abandons the code without hitting the redeem button, then after 15 minutes, the code becomes available to someone else. That’s why you will see some fluctuation in the ticker.

The problem occurs when someone copies and pastes the code into Audible without hitting MY redeem button. My system doesn’t know the code has been redeemed and will serve it to someone else who will get an error from Audible. It’s a problem I don’t have a solution for since I can’t actually talk to the ACX system and stay in sync.”

What does this mean for you? Keep checking the website to see if codes may have been abandoned and are available again! Also, the counter under each title may be off. I try to upload codes as soon as possible, but it can take 3 days for ACX/Audible to log that a code has been redeemed, so I can’t hurry the process.

Basically, to sum up: BE PATIENT.

One last thing: if you don’t redeem your code right away at Audible then the next time I upload codes, yours may be refreshed and put back on the website. Please redeem codes immediately.

You’re getting free audiobooks, so need to get upset if things don’t work perfectly. It’s all good!

Now, the magic you’ve been waiting for!


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