Friday Night Drabble Party!

Happy Friday to you all!

What a glorious Friday it is! Do you know why it is so glorious? Because Roak: Galactic Bounty Hunter is here!

roak-ebook-coverThere are thousands of bounty hunters across the galaxy. Solid professionals that take jobs based on the credits the bounties afford. They follow the letter of the law so they can maximize those credits.
Licensed, bonded, legal.
Then there’s Roak.
Deadly, unstoppable, invisible.
No criminal or military records. No files or folders with his name on them. No cybernetic implants to track. No proof he even exists except for a reputation for getting the job done. Roak is the bounty hunter called when someone is looking for the opposite of licensed, bonded, legal.
Now someone has ignored his reputation and made a very big mistake.
Double-crossed and left to die, Roak survives and sets out to exact vengeance and get paid what he is owed.
But he’s not unreasonable.
While his fee may have just gone up, the bloody, brutal revenge is on the house.

Ain’t that just the coolest? The answer is yes.

Go get that puppy! DO IT!

Now, on with our 100 words of micro-fiction!



Ready For Whatever
Jake Bible

The artery sprayed blue.

Not red, but blue.

Vicky hadn’t expected that.

In less than a second, the wall was completely coated, the dozen spurted splatters joined into a dripping, blurred mural of violence.

Knife gripped tight, Vicky kicked the dead man away from her and spun to meet the other attackers.

No one was there. Her scanner had counted four. But the corridor was empty.

“What are you?” she whispered at the corpse as she slid her backup blade from her boot.

The empty airlock loomed before her. She took a deep breath and stepped through, ready for whatever.



Disclaimer: Blue bloods, am I right?

Friday Night Drabble Party!


Welcome back to another Friday Night Drabble Party!

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Now, on to the 100 words of super groovy, super grooviness!



Left To Haunt
Jake Bible

Lost in thought, Gary faced the glass doors and stared into the street beyond.  Throngs of people out for the Holiday shopping season packed the sidewalks.


There was a woman outside. There were many women, but one in particular pulled him from his thoughts. Her eyes. Cold, black, empty, dead. So dead.


He shook his head and turned. His wife stood there, puzzled.

“Lost you there,” she said and smiled.

“Yeah, sorry,” he said, returning the smile.

His attention returned to the street, but the woman was gone, only the memory of her eyes left to haunt him.



Disclaimer: The weather outside is frightful…

Writing In Suburbia #47: Time Is Money And I Ain’t Got Enough Of Either

Time for one more episode in November! I squeaked it in!

Speaking of time, this episode is all about how I structure and schedule what I will be writing over the next few months. I go into detail on how I pick my projects and how I recover when the best laid plans get off track. This is a good one for those of you that struggle with budgeting your time.






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Friday Night Drabble Party!

Twas the day after thanksgiving, and all through the house, food comas continue to subdue the rabble.

Rabble rhymes with drabble!


Hey, you remember when I was asking everyone to pledge to the Mountain Of Words Write-A-Thon? Do ya? Well, about four of you did! Yay for you four!

The rest of you…? For shame, I say! FOR SHAME!

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Now, on to the free micro-fiction!



Gears Ground
Jake Bible

Gears ground as he tried to force the shifter into third. The stick kicked hard against his palm. That would leave a bruise. Bruises were the least of his worries.

The pedal thumped against the sole of his boot, the clutch refusing to engage. He snarled as he fought back, shoving his foot down, determined to leave second gear.

Screaming, the engine protested the revolutions per minute forced on it. Screaming back, he dared to glance into the rearview mirror. The black sedan was gaining.

It would be on him after the next curve.

Damn that third gear to hell.



Disclaimer: Go that way, really fast. If something gets in your way, turn.

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Welcome to this week’s Party!

I missed last week. I know. The Fam had the day off from school and I was busy editing Stone Cold Bastards. It was a busy day. Plus, I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m sure some of you understand.

But, we’re back this week!

Before we dive into the 100 words of most excellent fiction, how about you do me favor and help out some Asheville youths that are part of the Asheville Writers in the Schools program. Now more than ever we need to strengthen the next generation of artists and writers. Please pledge. If you appreciate the free fiction I give out every week, or just want to be a decent human being (yeah, I went there), then pledge a couple dollars. Those dollars could help build a new future. I think we could use a new future.

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Now, on to the free micro-fiction. Free. Free, free, free. Free.



Name One Era
Jake Bible

“What’s that?” Lyle asked.

“Time machine,” Hopper replied.

“A time machine? Seriously?” Lyle said. “Do you know how dangerous that is? Why would you build that?”

“To go back to when this country was great,” Hopper said, powering up the machine.

“When the hell was that?” Lyle asked. “Please name one era where this country wasn’t ruled by greed and bigotry?”

“That’s easy,” Hopper replied. “It was… Well, you know…”

“You got nothing,” Lyle said. “Come on. Let’s get a beer.”

“1870’s beer?” Hopper asked, hopeful.

“Sure, an 1870’s beer,” Lyle said. “If that’ll make you feel better.”



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