Friday Night Drabble Party!

Hey, will ya look at that! Another free Drabble to be shoved through your eyeholes directly into your brainpan!

It must be Friday!

I hope you dig tonight’s micro-fiction. If you do then perhaps share with others. Nothing like free fiction on a Friday to kick the weekend off. Don’t be stingy! Let the glory of the Drabble Party be for all! Huzzah!

Anyhoo, I’ll let you get to the 100 words of awesome. If you feel like checking out any of my other works out then scroll to the bottom and give those pics a click. I’d appreciate it.



Three Were Left
Jake Bible

Three were left. They stood in a row, their bodies battered, their minds numb, their souls lost. Three were left.

One looked down at her right hand, barely seeing the bloody blade.

Two stared straight ahead, the memories of murder fading fast from her mind.

Three closed his eyes and hoped he’d be the last one. His lips moved in silent prayer.

Three were left.

They moved like lightning and struck twice as hard.

One’s blade bit. Two’s memories helped her none. Three’s prayers were almost answered.

The hands struck, the body crumpled.

Two were left.

But not for long.




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Writing In Suburbia #52: Go Home, Excuses! You’re Drunk!

This week’s (month’s?) episode is all about how aspiring (hate that word) writers make excuses not to do the work. Which is total BS. I talk about how you have complete power and control over where, when, and how you write, so shut up with the excuses!

I also talk about my pending gallbladder surgery. Fun!






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Friday Night Drabble Party!

Yes, yes, I know. It’s been a couple of weeks. I’ve been busy, okay? Sheesh! 😉

But, seriously, I have been busy. Health stuff (gallbladder will be going bye bye), work stuff (finishing a novel), life stuff (uh, life stuff, stop being nosy). It’s been a crazy few weeks.

But now I’m back!

Before we get to the 100 words, please take a moment to either buy tickets or donate to the Asheville High School Theatre Troop 2237! They were chosen as the best in the State of North Carolina for their one-act play, Spoon River. Now they get to go to Nationals! But, as many of you know, there is no money for the Arts in this country. And that was true before the Cheeto-In-Charge took over. So, if you can spare a few bucks, please donate! Every dollar helps them get to Lincoln, Nebraska in June!

Now, on to the Drabble!



One Hundred Feet
Jake Bible

The excavator tore into the hillside, ripping up trees, bushes, flower beds. It shredded what had once been considered the most beautiful landscaping in the neighborhood.

“Load it all up and head down to the gate,” Willis said. “Come back for as much as you can get.”

“You think this’ll hold ’em?” Bollen asked. “I don’t know if we can pile it high enough.”

“Not much choice,” Willis said. “You got this?”


“Good. I have to check on the watchtowers.”

Willis walked off, knowing that even a hundred feet of dirt and rock wouldn’t keep them back.

Nothing could.



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New Audiobook!

Outpost Hell is available now in audiobook format! Click the pic and you can get it on iTunes or Audible! Bam!

New Novel! New Genre! New Series!

Howdy, y’all!

So, some of you may have heard I have a new novel out! And, of course, I forgot to post about it on the website because, hey, why would I keep this crucial bit of business updated, right? Le sigh…

Now, you might think, so what? I always have a new novel out. Which is pretty much true. I write like a bat out of hell. Except, that this time I’m writing in a whole new genre. And I don’t mean just a new genre for me, but a genre that is fairly new on the scene.


What is LitRPG? It stands for “Literature Role Playing Game”. Basically, the character, or characters, are sucked into, transported, cursed, become part of the actual game they are playing. If you want to go old school then think of Tron. One second in the real world, next second in the virtual world. Or that old Dungeons & Dragons cartoon  where they get transported by magic into the fantasy world they are playing in. Whatever the premise is, the point is the game becomes real!

My latest novel, EverRealm, will be part of a series of LitRPG novels, each one set in a different gaming environment- epic fantasy, cyberpunk, urban fantasy, western, Lovecraftian, space opera, etc.

So, hop on board this crazy new genre train and check out EverRealm! You will not be disappointed!

In the 23rd century, the world is at an end, and a group of gaming and programming friends decide that their only way to survive is to discard their bodies and send their minds into the quantum matrix of a virtual gaming world. They have created the Domains and there they plan to reside forever.

Except, the nightmares of reality have followed them into their new quantum dimension and those nightmares threaten to destroy it all!

Now it is up to one of them to help navigate the quantum platform known as EverRealm, a fantasy MMORPG of epic proportions, in order to complete a quest he neither wants to complete nor knows how. With the help of his friends, and a lot of luck, he will have to face trials and tribulations like he’s never faced as a player! Because now it is no longer a matter of Game Over, but of life or death!

Can he survive it all and come out a winner? The only way he’ll know is if he plays the game to the bitter end!

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