Get Autographed Novels!

Want a signed Jake Bible novel for your very own? Well, now you can get one! OR ALL OF THEM!

All paperbacks are $10 each, EXCEPT for the Reign of Four books. They are $15 each because they combine two novels in one paperback. Also, only the first two ScareScapes books are available in print. They are $5 each, but shipping is still full price because of USPS shipping minimums.

And speaking of shipping…

Cost of shipping is $3.00 per book (US only). If you get more than five then I can discount the shipping since USPS should give me a price break too.

ALL ORDERS ARE SHIPPED MEDIA MAIL. Why do I say that? Because you can expect about 2-10 business days for delivery once the package is shipped. Want it faster? Then let me know and I’ll calculate the costs.

Want books shipped outside the US? Let me know and I’ll calculate the costs. Just a heads up that shipping will probably cost more than the books themselves. That’s just how it works.

Ready to order an autographed novel? Here’s how to do that:

1. Pick the novel or novels you want.

2. Email me at with the novel(s) you want, if you want any personalization in the signing (your name, a little message, someone else’s name, etc.), and which US state you’re in (or country, if outside the US).

3. I reply and give you the total. I also ask for full address and send you instructions on how to pay via PayPal. (I only use PayPal, folks.)

4. You get my email, confirm that it’s all good, send me $$$ per instructions in my email, and tell me to ship those babies!

5. I receive payment and ship those babies!

6. You receive your books in 2-10 business days!

7. Tell all your friends!


Disclaimer: All sales are subject to availability. If I have to order more of something you want then expect a couple weeks added on to delivery time. I’ll let you know in my response email. Cool? Cool!

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