Get Autographed Novels!

Want a signed Jake Bible novel for your very own? Well, now you can get one! OR ALL OF THEM!

The fine folks at Malaprop’s Bookstore and Cafe here in Asheville, NC will gladly take your order. Just click on the pic of the novel you want and you will be magically transported to the page on their site. You can order from there, tell them you want it signed by me, and they’ll let me know to come in and put my HUGE John Hancock on that puppy.

[Disclaimer: not all novels are available. If you click a pic and it does nothing then check back later. Or feel free to call or email Malaprop’s. They have faster access to what is available.]

Blood-cruise-ebook-covermegaMega2_ebook_coverMega-3-ebook-coverBehemoth-Island-ebook-covermega-5-ebook-coverZburbia_ebook_coverZburbia2_ebook_coverZburbia3_ebook_coverZburbia42015-01-18 14.50.04Zburbia-6-ebook-coverSisters!DeadTeamAlpha-Ecover2015-11-26 20.04.23Dead_Mech_ebook_coverThe_Americans_ebook_coverMetal_and_Ash_ebook_cover

Anti1anti2!Kaiju_Winter_ebook_coverkstorm2infer Salvage-Merc-one-ebook-coverSalvage-Merc-One-2-ebook-coverironFighting-Iron-2-ebook-coverIn-Perpetuity-ebook-coverReign of FourI_Cover RoFII Reign of Four III_eBookCoverNOOK Reign of IV_eBookCoverroak-ebook-cover

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