Roak: Galactic Bounty Hunter Series

There are thousands of bounty hunters across the galaxy. Solid professionals that take jobs based on the credits the bounties afford. They follow the letter of the law so they can maximize those credits.
Licensed, bonded, legal.
Then there’s Roak.
Deadly, unstoppable, invisible.
No criminal or military records. No files or folders with his name on them. No cybernetic implants to track. No proof he even exists except for a reputation for getting the job done. Roak is the bounty hunter called when someone is looking for the opposite of licensed, bonded, legal.
Now someone has ignored his reputation and made a very big mistake.
Double-crossed and left to die, Roak survives and sets out to exact vengeance and get paid what he is owed.
But he’s not unreasonable.
While his fee may have just gone up, the bloody, brutal revenge is on the house.

Jonny Nebula was the greatest heavy-grav fighter to ever compete in the Orbs. Galactic Champion for two decades running, no one could touch his skill. Until his final, brutal fight when his reign came to a bloody, deadly end.
But, as Roak is about to find out, there’s always an encore.
An old friend from his past. A job that shouldn’t exist. A web of lies and deceit that goes deeper than anyone knows. Roak has his work cut out for him.
It’ll take all of Roak’s skills as the galaxy’s premiere bounty hunter to track down a dead man. Especially one that refuses to be found without a knockdown, drag out, to the death (again) fight!

Razer Station is one of the most notorious stations in the galaxy. Criminals, con artists, freaks, rebels, junkies, and smugglers inhabit the space station that floats at the outer edge of civilization.
It’s Roak’s kind of place.
But, Roak isn’t on Razer for a little R&R; he’s there on a job.
For Roak, it should be an easy job- track down an old tech that has been targeted by several corporations and deliver the tech to the corporations.
Except Razer Station is never that accommodating and Roak’s easy job quickly turns into a nightmare battle for survival and a race across the station before it all goes up in flames.
The third chapter in the Roak saga continues with more grit, more grime, and more bodies than ever. Roak is pissed and gunning for anyone and everyone that dares get in his way!

Robbed of his chits and betrayed by one of his oldest contacts, Roak is now on a rampage across the galaxy to hunt the duplicitous scumbag down and exact some serious payback.

Bishop is on the run and Roak is right behind him.

System by system, planet by planet, contact by contact, Roak leaves no rock unturned and no lead unchecked. He beats answers out of those that dare help Bishop. He kills those that refuse to answer. Roak is waging war on the criminal grapevine and no one is safe from his wrath.

But Roak soon finds out that while he is the galaxy’s preeminent bounty hunter, it is now his turn to be hunted. And the hunter coming for him is a force from his past that he may not be able to escape!

Roak has a plan.
It is not a good plan. It is not an easy plan. But it is a plan.
And with a crew he doesn’t want, a nemesis that is always one step ahead, and the power of the Galactic Fleet about to come down on him with all its might, Roak is going to need every ounce of his experience and skill as the galaxy’s greatest and deadliest bounty hunter to execute the plan.
If his infinite enemies don’t execute him first!

A planet gone. A madbeing on the loose. An uneasy alliance made. A galaxy in chaos.

Roak is once again on the hunt for the dark tech known as Pol Hammon. From the tavern planet of Xippee to the desert planet known as Outpost Hell, Roak must race across the galaxy to find his prey all while being pursued and attacked by the entity known as Father.

Roak will need every weapon in his arsenal and every ally in the galaxy to stay ahead of the death and carnage that follows him like a quantum wake of blood and destruction!


A bombshell dropped. A war on the horizon. The entire universe in peril.

And Roak is pretty much done with it all.

Except he doesn’t get to be done. He has one more hunt left. A hunt to find and finally kill Father.

If Roak survives the galactic war he’s about to start.

Calling on every alliance and tenuous relationship he has, Roak has to scrape together enough forces to take on a galaxy’s worth of warships.

He doesn’t have an Eight Million Gods damn chance in all the Hells, but that’s never stopped Roak before!

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