The Z-Burbia Series



Whispering Pines is a classic, quiet, private American subdivision on the edge of Asheville, NC, set in the pristine Blue Ridge Mountains. Which is good since the zombie apocalypse has come to Western North Carolina and really put suburban living to the test!
Surrounded by a sea of the undead, the residents of Whispering Pines have adapted their bucolic life of block parties to scavenging parties, common area groundskeeping to immediate area warfare, neighborhood beautification to neighborhood fortification.

But, even in the best of times, suburban living has its ups and downs what with nosy neighbors, a strict Home Owners’ Association, and a property management company that believes the words “strict interpretation” are holy words when applied to the HOA covenants. Now with the zombie apocalypse upon them even those innocuous, daily irritations quickly become dramatic struggles for personal identity, family security, and straight up survival.

Welcome to normal life in Z-Burbia!


The Grove Park Inn.

From the early 1900s right up to Z-Day, the Grove Park Inn was the place for the affluent to stay when vacationing in Asheville, NC. Everyone from F. Scott Fitzgerald to President Barak Obama stayed at the Grove Park. Artists, actors, diplomats, masters of industry, all called it a temporary home at one point or another. But that was before the zombie apocalypse.

Now the five story stone, brick, and wood luxury inn is home to a different element. An unknown element. A heavily armed element.

With Whispering Pines being rebuilt, Jace “Long Pork” Stanford has nothing better to do than find out who the newcomers are. Well, while he’s not busy dealing with the ever present Z hordes. Or running for his life from paramilitary mercenaries. Or possibly blowing up more of the zombie infested city because he can’t help pressing buttons. Buttons are meant to be pressed, even in the apocalypse, right?

Looks like it’s just another day in Z-Burbia!



Jace Stanford has lost family, friends, and his arm to the zombie apocalypse that hit his formerly quiet, American subdivision of Whispering Pines. But he has also gained new allies, a new sense of purpose, and something he never in a million years would have thought would be a plus: the cannibal savant known as Elsbeth.

Now facing certain destruction from a faction known as the Consortium, Jace needs Elsbeth’s help more than ever. But is she up to the task when her past is revealed? A past that is possibly more shocking than the zombie apocalypse itself?

Jace may find out the hard way. And in the zombie apocalypse, the hard way usually means a whole lot of people are going to die.




Zburbia4Forced from their home of Asheville, North Carolina, Jace Stanford’s family, along with a convoy of suburbanites, misfits, criminals, and soldiers, must battle their way through the I-40 corridor of Eastern Tennessee.
When they are separated from their friends and allies in Knoxville, the Stanfords have to rely on their skills as post-apocalyptic survivors to fight off the Zs, insane Vols fans, homicidal sorority girls, and the most deadly of the post-apocalyptic threats- cannibal gangs!
No longer are the Stanfords trying to survive day by day, but hour by hour and minute by minute, foot by foot and inch by inch, as they flee down what is known as Cannibal Road.



2015-01-18 14.50.04

The American Midwest- a bucolic ideal that hasn’t quite translated to the zombie apocalypse. Instead of open arms and welcoming faces, there are now open mouths and ravenous Zs. The blue collar drive to work hard is now a red-mouthed hunger for flesh.
Jace Stanford, as well as the remnants of the survivors of Whispering Pines, and the rag tag bunch of private military contractors, laborers, and former (everyone hopes) cannibals now must face the vast, exposed space of America’s Heartland in order to get to the possible sanctuary of The Stronghold in the post-apocalyptic ruins of Boulder, Colorado.
Just a simple convoy from point A to point B, right? Yeah, right. Not for these folks.
Z-Burbia 5: The Bleeding Heartlands is full of blood, guts, puss, and snark as Jace and company are forced to deal with yet another whacko group of crazy survivors, zombie hordes on a scale they have never seen, and the mystery of who keeps skinning folks and leaving the butchered bodies as some type of bloody warning.
Yep, just another fun time in Z-Burbia for the Stanfords!

Zburbia-6-ebook-coverFrom Asheville to Knoxville, Cannibal Road to the Tomb, Jace Stanford and the Whispering Pines survivors have been on the run and fighting for their lives non-stop.
Now, with the plains to their backs, the crew are just steps from their destination: The Stronghold of Boulder, CO. All they have to do is make it through the nightmare that is Denver, CO. While running from the mega-powerful, corporate/political/military entity that is the Consortium. And dealing with the brainwashed killing machines that call themselves the Sisters. Not to mention a crazy mad scientist hell bent on making life really, really hard for everyone.
Oh, and there’s the issue of the horde of zombies that’s close to half a million strong. Yeah, that’s kind of a bummer.
But, hey, if anyone can get his friends and family through a nightmare like this, it’s Jace Stanford, right? Right?
Okay, they’re probably screwed.


The end of the world is close. The dead walk the Earth, feasting on the living. Rogue bands of crazies, gangs of cannibals, and evil organizations fight for what is left of civilization. Blood and violence are the laws of the land. Those that survive must do things that no sane person should be forced to do.
Good thing Elsbeth isn’t exactly sane.
The savior of, and saved by, the Stanford family, Elsbeth now fights for the Stronghold. She has friends and allies willing to fight right along side her. Most of all, she has family.
She has sisters.
And it ain’t the sisters that need to watch out for the apocalypse. It’s the apocalypse that needs to watch out for the sisters!
The bestselling Z-Burbia series continues, but now it is Elsbeth’s turn to tell the story. Hang on for one crazy ride with a cannibal savant and her battle-hardened sisters as they tear through the wasteland and turn the zombie apocalypse on its undead head!

  1. I love all things Jake. I need it now. Why not a digital version?

  2. Sorry.too excited!
    See email change

  3. OK. I just read both Z Burbia and Z Burbia 2 over the past two weeks. Excellent stuff !!!! Very entertaining. Please hurry with Z Burbia 3. Brenda Kelly must be dealt with! It is killing me to wait and see what is next.

    Oh well, I will try to bide my time and read all of your other stuff.

    Take care.

  4. Hey Jake
    This series is awesome. Just finished dta and was wondering if there will be a z burbia 4 to show what happens pre dta or is that it? Love your books man! Hope there is more!

  5. I am so glad #3 is out! Just bought it on Kindle and can’t wait to read this weekend.

  6. Elaine Bryant

    Have been enjoying z burbia! Just ordered book three- so bummed I need to wait til fall for 4. Will it be the same narrator? He’s done a good job with your characters!

  7. Great books. I feel like Jace, you know, how he goes off those tangents. I do it all the time. Yeah, I know he’s a work of fiction, but
    sometimes so am I.

    Keep on writing Jake, I love your style.


  8. dean the fastest fat man in the world

    get back in his head fast and get it on audiobook faster! 😉 You have got me addicted to the series. It is like a drug. I must have more! Perhaps in the next one he should lose his other arm and perhaps legs as well, and he should be called Bob

  9. Loving the series, and your other books. Will there be any follow-on to Kaiju Winter, or is that goose cooked? Also am enjoying Dead Team Alpha and it’s tie-in to the Z-burbia series. I hope there will be more Z-Burbia books between them. This could be like your “Dark Tower”.

    • There will be at least six total Z-Burbia books with probably another two DTA books. I may take Z-Burbia further, but I don’t want to just milk it and have the series end up lame. All depends on what my mind can handle! 😉

      • more beer! That’s what your mind needs to handle more

      • Good to see the plan. Also agree with you not wanting to drag a series longer than it should. So much fiction is milked these days(Not just literature), and all it does is eventually bore people and turn them away. Every good story needs a good ending, and an ending given when it is appropriate is much better than one given once a series has been milked.

  10. Long Pork Johnson III--PornStar Extraordinaire

    So I’m on the second book and like McDonalds, I’m lovin’ it! Unless McDonald comes out with the McLong Pork…then it’s Burger King time! Anyway, the subtle humor cracks me up and is a nice addition to the zombie genre. Keep up the great work!

  11. Will Z Burbia 4 be the last in the series? I just started reading it today. I’ve really enjoyed the series!

  12. I read all five in the last five days! I’m going through withdrawal now!

  13. I feel ya!! I finished reading the last book over a week ago and I’m definitely ready to read another!!

  14. I finished ZBurbia 4, started Dead Mech, then saw that ZBurbia 5 was out!!! I am going to finish Dead Mech and am very happy that #5 is sitting there waiting on me!

  15. So easy to keep reading when the story is so good!

  16. I finished the Dead Mech series (awesome!), read #5 of the series by Sam Sisivath, reread the Monster Squad series, finished a book by WJ Lundy, and another by Peter Meredith, went through the levels of Plants VS Zombies, and started Mountain Man by Keith Blackmore. I’m still waiting for the next Z-Burbia…no pressure…

  17. Definitely! Your books are the most captivating! I’m debating whether or not to get Little Dead Man…you might have finally creeper me out.

  18. Will there b another Z Burbia coming out?

  19. Just read all of z burbia loved it will there be a book 6

  20. Just finished 1-5 and I’m patiently waiting for 6. Do you have any idea how many will be in the series? I’m sure you said it somewhere on your blog but I am lazy. I have been binge reading lots of post-apocalypse e-books and rate your Z-Burbia series among my top 3 favorites. Good stuff!

  21. Letitia lottt

    Is Number 5 the last one?

  22. When will number 6 be out?

  23. I’m being patient. I really am.

  24. It was GREAT!

  25. I just want to say I loved the series, and I love your writing. You take a fun approach to a genre everyone else takes serious. Sad to see it go,but it was great. I do hope you plan to continue the story of the people of Stronghold. The mention about Charlie is killing me to know.

    Thanks for the ride, look forward to what lies in the future.

  26. Z-burbia and DTA are interconnected?

  27. Um, I’m almost done with dta, have spent a week reading all of z-burbia, is there a book between the z6 and dta?

  28. Does the story continue?? The sisters journals, Charlie’s journals, and L’s journals???

  29. Just finished reading the entire Z-Burbia series. Bummed out to have the Stanford family gone. I must tell you, though, that Jace Stanford is one of the few characters I’ve ever encountered where I so wish to have known him in reality. It’s a great compliment and example of your writing skills to cause that kind of reaction. I’m sure that you and Jace most likely have much in common. Of all of the many zombie apocalypse books I’ve read, yours ranks with the top tier. Thank you for giving me such an enjoyable read!

    Diane Foley
    Cherry Hill, NJ

  30. I need z burbia 7! Read the first 6 in less than a week. Just finishing 6 now. When can I get my hands on 7?

  31. I read all seven Z-Burbia books this week and really enjoyed them. Will there be a number eight?

  32. Germaine Bartholomew

    I just finished the series and I’m sad because I have to wait a few more months to find out what’s going on with The Sisters and Jack Heavy. Thank you for keeping Muffin safe; I would have been upset if something happened to the dog. But what I really want to know is, has Hollywood come calling. I would love to see this on the big screen.

  33. Z-burbia 7 was EXCELLENT !! I am looking forward to August. QUESTION – how many sisters are still alive?

  34. Discovered this series by happy accident, through Freebooksy when the first book was being offered free on kindle. Loved the first book! Supremely witty/funny, and with plenty of zombie action. Excellent.

  35. susan sitzmann

    I LOVE the Zburbia series! I purchased all 6 on Audible. Got a few weird looks from my neighbors, because I couldn’t leave the car during a good part. When will the Sister books be on Audible? I’m dying for more.

  36. I’m up to book 4 now, reading via my kindle app on my phone. But I’m liking the series so much that I want hard copies to have on my shelf (and for my hubbie to read)! If we order them from the site you posted, you will sign them, right???

    • Yes, you totally can order from Malaprop’s and I will sign them. Just make sure you either put a note in your order or you call them to let them know you want the books signed. But, the soonest I can sign them is the end of July. I’ll be out of town until then.

  37. I found the Z- Burbia series by chance after getting a free download of book one. I loved it. Have now read up to book seven and am hoping there will be more. Love the characters though was gutted when you killed Jace and Stella off. Maybe there are some sisters written ones where they are still alive or spin off lost books. Keep up the good work but please don’t kill Elsbeth lol.

  38. I really love your books, thei’r just awesome and it is really sad to hear that 7 was the last book I ever read

  39. Hands down the funniest series of books I’ve read in years, should be made into a tv show.

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