Bethany and the Zombie Jesus


Bethany and The Zombie Jesus: A Collection Of Horror And Grotesquery-

Young Bethany has spent her entire life trying to be righteous and just in the eyes of the Lord. She has worked hard to please her Mama and to make sure she could live up to the trust Reverend Jones had put in her.

Now Bethany’s faith and life are put to the test as what she always thought was a stone-likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ decides it doesn’t want to be up on that cross anymore!
Can Bethany stop the Zombie Jesus before he brings the End of Days upon the Earth?

With 11 other tales of horror and grotesquery!

Ranging from deep space terror (Through The Last WH) to bedbug bizarro (All The Freaky Bedbugs Of The World) and dark horror fantasy (Leather Belts & Wooden Spoons), this collection has a little bit of something for all the warped minds in the world!

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