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The Americans Episode 22!


Yep, I was able to get an episode out this week! Plans fell through for the weekend. Oh, well.

But, next week there will not be a new episode. That’s not going to change. I will actually have all of my equipment packed up and it’ll take a while to get organized again.

So, enjoy this week’s episode. It’s an eye opener!


The Americans Episode 22

Show Notes:

All music by Kevin MacLeod at

The Americans Episode 15!

Howdy, y’all!

Glad you could make it back for another episode of The Americans!

Juicy good stuff this week. be sure and check out the promos at the end of the episode. Paul E. Cooley has some great new fiction available, as does Neil Colquhoun. Check that stuff out!

We are now about halfway through the novel, so get ready for some crazy, crazy stuff from here on out. This novel doesn’t wander to the climax, it freakin’ shoves the climax in your face! Dress appropriately…


The Americans Episode 15

Show Notes:


All music by Kevin MacLeod at



Paul Elard Cooley

Neil Colquhoun















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