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Brain Squeezin’s!

Welcome back, y’all!

This week’s episode of Brain Squeezin’s is titled, “All The Freaky Bedbugs Of The World”.

This is my take on bizzaro fiction. That’s really the only genre I could put it in. It was one helluva lot of fun to record!

You’ll notice there isn’t my usual intro ramblings. That’s really due to my lack of time this week. What there is, though, is a promo at the beginning for my Amazon Kindle rush announcement for DEAD MECH! That’s right, take a look at the top of the site and click on the Amazon Kindle rush page. This has all of the details for the rush. It’s gonna be a blast!

Time to turn DEAD MECH into the monster it is!

Oh, and hey, if you want to interview me or need me to guest blog, I’m all for it! Just give me an email shout!

Anyhoo, here is All The Freaky Bedbugs Of The World


Show Notes:

All music is by Kevin McLeod

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