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The Americans Episode 28!

Welcome back, y’all!

This week’s episode is short. No worries, though, because next week’s will make up for it. I promise.

You will also notice that my intro is a bit long. Yeah, I had a couple things to say. One thing was to make sure you all know about Sample Saturday. Each Saturday I will feature a different writer and a sample of their work. Be sure to check it out, folks. Show some love to the other crazy writers out there! You know, before they go too crazy. Let’s avoid that insanity. It does no one any good. 😉

And if you are a writer and want to get involved then click HERE!

That’s about it, so let’s get on with the show!

The Americans Episode 28


Show Notes:

All music by Kevin MacLeod at

The Americans Episode 27!

Howdy do, y’all!

I’m very glad you made it back for another episode of The Americans!

Hey, did you know that The Americans is available as an ebook? Yep, it’s true! Also, did you know you can get that ebook signed? Super true! Click HERE for all the info!

But, wait, that’s not all! I have a new regular post that started yesterday. It’s called Sample Saturday and it features a sample of a different writer’s work each and every Saturday. You get to find some more groovy cool folks to read! So check it out ASAP. ASAP, I say! And if you are a writer and want to get involved then click HERE!

And now to your regularly scheduled podcast!

The Americans Episode 27


Show Notes:

All music by Kevin MacLeod at

The Americans Episode 26!

Hey, Y’all!

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Charlie’s Angels! As you know, last week Kris had a run in with that nasty drug dealer, Mr. Smoothy Jay. But, Kris took him down! This week- Uh, wait…

Oh, that’s right! This is another episode of The Americans! Tricked ya!

Okay, maybe I didn’t trick ya, but I probably put a smile on your face. If you didn’t smile then you suck and have nothing but a lump of coal for a heart. Get help.

Anyway, thanks for checking out the latest episode of The Americans. It’s gettin’ crazy! What could possibly happen this week?

Guess you’ll just have to find out!


The Americans Episode 26

Oh, and don’t forget that you can skip all this audio craziness and buy the ebook right now! Find out what happens before everyone else! Cheers!

Show Notes:

All music by Kevin MacLeod at

The Americans Episode 25!

Hey Y’all!

It’s time for another episode of The Americans! Look at that, I’m back to once a week. This is good.

You know what else is going on? The Americans is available as an ebook! Just click here for more info and links to the retailers it is currently available on! I’m sure there’s a couple of you that can’t wait to find out how it ends. Now you don’t have to wait!

And that’s all the shameless self-promotion!


The Americans Episode 25

Show Notes:

All music by Kevin MacLeod at

Announcing The Americans Now Published!

It is here! The Americans is now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords

“Hundreds of years after the United States is turned into a radioactive, zombie infested wasteland, the descendants of peacekeeping troops stranded abroad are now the world’s marshals, keeping law and order in a futuristic landscape of high-tech feudalism and raw, bioorganic metal.

They are known simply as: The Americans.

The exciting sidequel to DEAD MECH takes you on a hellride through Europe, Asia and beyond as American Ghost Heather Walton must save her family, her friends, and an all important cargo, as all Americans struggle to maintain their place in a world where the powers that be no longer want them. And will stop at nothing to put an end to their standing and their very existence!”

Sounds great, right?

While it will still be a couple months before The Americans will be available in print, you can get it now for $4.99 for the ereader of your preference!

Something else that’s cool is it that signed/personalized ebooks will soon be available directly from me! Just in time for the holiday season! Now you can buy autographed and personalized copies of The Americans and DEAD MECH and send those beautiful ebooks to friends and family! It’s crazy, I know!

Be sure and stay tuned for more details of when these miracle ebooks will be available! In the meantime, if you are an author and want to be able to sign ebooks for your fans then check out MyWrite. So freakin’ cool!

Well, I hate to take up your valuable time, especially when you’ll be using that time to get your copy of The Americans!

Oh, and guess what? DEAD MECH is now $2.99 through all retailers! If you haven’t read it then you are missing out! Hop to it, people! This deal won’t last forever!

But wait! There’s more!

Do you just looooooooove DEAD MECH? Have you wanted it to get more exposure, more press, more fans and sell more copies? Wow, me too! I may have a chance to get DEAD MECH published by a large publisher, but I need your help. If you have read DEAD MECH then please head over to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords and leave some reviews. These are visible to everyone and not only help with sales, but are endorsements that potential publishers will see. This could mean DEAD MECH will be available as a hardcover (yes, I will sign some for y’all) at some point. More than that, getting DEAD MECH to a wider audience can mean exposure to Hollywood, y’all. If you’ve ever hoped DEAD MECH would end up on the big screen then this is the first step. Go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords and leave a review! Go now!

Thanks, ya’ll! You guys rock!

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