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Friday Night Drabble Party!

Another Friday be here, yes. Another party be in full swing, I say!

This week I will do something different. It has been suggested that I post the Drabble in the body of the post instead of as a separate PDF. So I am going to give that a whirl tonight!

Please let me know if this works better for y’all. I aim to please, ya know.

This does mean that the comments section tonight is for comment on the new format AND so you can add your 100 words worth. You know how I like it when y’all play along. So far there’ve only been a couple of players with the Drabbles, but a small party is still a Party!

Have a read below and if you are inspired to add to the story, take a related tangent, create something new that follows the spirit, what have you, then please do! It is a Party after all.



We Always Do


Jake Bible

Of the Weeping Time we know. Of the Horror of Banford we know. Of the Call to All That Came Before we know.

So I sit upon my chair –the hardbacked one with the spent spring in the seat- and stare at the Fog as it crawls from the harbor, up the street, through the alley, and to my window.

Of the Fog we do not know. But we will learn.

We always do.

And those that remember, those that are left?

We shall write about it; tell tales by firelight; sing sad ballads in the pub.

We always do.


So what did you think of having those words right there in your face? I kinda like it. Let me know.


Disclaimer: Shhhhhh. The Fog can hear you…

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Howdy, y’all!

Thank ya for stoppin’ by the Party. I promise we’ll have a rip-roarin’ good time. Yee haw!

Why all the Western speak, you ask? Well, read the drabble below. And if you want more of The Man With No Face then go ahead and get yourself the short story right here.

I bet you’re curious about the drabble now, eh, eh?

Well, ya should be, ya crazy varmints!


A Mist On The Wind


Oh, and get in on the Party! Just like the last few Parties you can join in. Just add your 100 words in the comments section below. Heyes has been rocking it so far the past two weeks. It is a party, you know. The more the merrier!

Disclaimer: Don’t stand downwind of the mist. Yuck.

Friday Night Drabble Party!- Postponed

Hey Folks!

Gonna have to give y’all a raincheck on the Party. Bummer, I know. Unforeseen circumstances have derailed the week and there’s no way to get a drabble up for tonight.

That means you have another week to join in the fun of last week’s drabble! Get your 100 words in and let’s see what chops ya got!

Back next week!


Jake On Jake: Hiatus

Jake: Hiatus? WTF?

Jake: I can’t talk to you right now.

Jake: Why the hell not?

Jake: Taxes.

Jake: Taxes?

Jake: Taxes. And novels. Three novels.

Jake: So you’re busy?

Jake: Exactly

Jake: Then why didn’t you just say so?!

Jake: *shrugs*

Jake: So, no Jake On Jake action for a while?

Jake: Not until I get these novels done and taxes done. And I learn to breathe again.

Jake: Baby.

Jake: Sticks and stones, bitch. Sticks and stones.

Jake Bible will start talking to himself in public in the near future. Just as soon as all the other voices in his head shut the hell up! Oh, and not to worry, the hiatus is just for Jake On Jake. Podcast and Friday Night Drabble Party will be in full swing!

Friday Night Drabble Party!

And another week is down! Time to bring up the Party!

Welcome to another fun filled drabble night, ya’ll.

It looks like we have been having one participant a week in the Drabble Party. Come on, people! Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell Crazy Charlie down the street (if you can get him to put the nail gun down)! TELL THE WORLD!

Why? Because it’s fun, yo. It. Is Fun. FUN!

Last week’s response was great. It kept the narrative going and also added a bit to it. Of course, the spirit of the Lovecraftian mythos is to add to it and make it your own. Gotta love H.P.! Thanks to Heyes for joining in!

Do you want to join in? Go ahead! Just add your 100 word drabble in the comments section below. It can add to the story, continue right where it left off, go on a tangent, just be “inspired” by, or whatever your muse brings to you. Just make it related to tonight’s drabble somehow. That’s all there is to it!

And speaking of tonight’s drabble, here ya go.


Plan A


Disclaimer: I do not condone the dismembering and disposal of cryptozoological creatures. Just sayin’.

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