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New Novel! New Genre! New Series!

Howdy, y’all!

So, some of you may have heard I have a new novel out! And, of course, I forgot to post about it on the website because, hey, why would I keep this crucial bit of business updated, right? Le sigh…

Now, you might think, so what? I always have a new novel out. Which is pretty much true. I write like a bat out of hell. Except, that this time I’m writing in a whole new genre. And I don’t mean just a new genre for me, but a genre that is fairly new on the scene.


What is LitRPG? It stands for “Literature Role Playing Game”. Basically, the character, or characters, are sucked into, transported, cursed, become part of the actual game they are playing. If you want to go old school then think of Tron. One second in the real world, next second in the virtual world. Or that old Dungeons & Dragons cartoon  where they get transported by magic into the fantasy world they are playing in. Whatever the premise is, the point is the game becomes real!

My latest novel, EverRealm, will be part of a series of LitRPG novels, each one set in a different gaming environment- epic fantasy, cyberpunk, urban fantasy, western, Lovecraftian, space opera, etc.

So, hop on board this crazy new genre train and check out EverRealm! You will not be disappointed!

In the 23rd century, the world is at an end, and a group of gaming and programming friends decide that their only way to survive is to discard their bodies and send their minds into the quantum matrix of a virtual gaming world. They have created the Domains and there they plan to reside forever.

Except, the nightmares of reality have followed them into their new quantum dimension and those nightmares threaten to destroy it all!

Now it is up to one of them to help navigate the quantum platform known as EverRealm, a fantasy MMORPG of epic proportions, in order to complete a quest he neither wants to complete nor knows how. With the help of his friends, and a lot of luck, he will have to face trials and tribulations like he’s never faced as a player! Because now it is no longer a matter of Game Over, but of life or death!

Can he survive it all and come out a winner? The only way he’ll know is if he plays the game to the bitter end!

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Another Friday is upon us and what a Friday it is!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Super quick tidbit for ya: Roak: Galactic Bounty Hunter is on sale for $.99 which means you can buy the ebook AND get the Audible audiobook for only $1.99 more! What a bargain! Go check it out!

On with the Drabble!



On Me
Jake Bible

A thrust of the blade and the craggy troll fell. It clutched at its belly, its knees sinking a foot deep in the muck and mire that made up the long neglected lane.

“Why ya done that to me, pally?” the troll asked. “I weren’t gonna harm ya.”

The boy stood there, troll blood dripping from the blade in huge, chunky globs. He didn’t reply. He didn’t move. Only stood there and waited.

The troll nodded. “Tis my lane to protect, but ya had all rights to pass. I stopped ya. My death is on me.”

The boy nodded. “Aye.”



Disclaimer: It ain’t about the gold, but all about the road.

Stone Cold Bastards Cover Reveal!

Well, hello there!

It is time for the Stone Cold Bastards cover reveal!

This is my first novel with Bell Bridge Books, so fingers crossed it goes well. CROSS THOSE FINGERS!

But, hey, you can do more than just cross your fingers. You can pre-order the novel now! Release date is February 24th, but if you want to be one of the cool kids then you should get to pre-ordering!

Also, Bell Bridge Books does some great marketing. There will be all kinds of cool things coming to promote Stone Cold Bastards. If you want to be in the know then sign up for my mailing list. Everybody on the list got to see this cover before y’all. THEY ARE THE CHOSEN ONES! Also, I never spam. Ever. So there’s that.

Anyhoo, hope you dig the cover and get to the clickety-clickety so you can pre-order.

Thanks, y’all!


Friday Night Drabble Party!

Happy Friday, y’all!

You know, each and every Friday (pretty much) I give out some free fiction. Sure, it’s only 100 words, but it’s free. I tell a little story, perhaps just a snippet of a story, or maybe only a glimpse into a world that might have more to offer. It’s 100 words, so time is limited.

The thing is, not everyone knows about the Party. I know, I know! How can some folks be completely ignorant of the Friday Night Drabble Party? There is a way to remedy that! A way to help spread the news!

How do you help spread the news? Where does the news come from?

I have a newsletter! (Okay, okay, yeah, that was possibly the WORST segue ever in the history of segues. It’s early when I’m writing this. I’ve only had one cup of coffee.)

How does one sign up for this newsletter? —>BY CLICKING THIS LINK HERE!<—-

That’s all ya gotta do! Click on the link, sign up, get all the news about what’s up with Jake Bible Fiction, including links to the latest Friday Night Drabble Party, then tell all of your friends! ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS! ALL OF THEM! NOW!

Cool? Cool.

Now, on to the 100 words of lovety-love!



She Walked
Jake Bible

The sun bore down on her like a big brother forcing an unwanted piggyback ride. She took the pressure and dealt with it. The sun didn’t mean any harm, it was just being the sun. She could complain all she wanted, but the sun would still just be the sun the next day.

Michelle wasn’t like the others. She didn’t scatter and run screaming, hoping the guards wouldn’t shoot her in the back. She wasn’t one to panic or overreact. Michelle was calm and cool.

So, when the wall came down, she walked. Straight out into the desert. She walked.



Disclaimer: Don’t look back.

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Why, yes, it is Friday and, yes, there is another Drabble, and, yes, we shall have a Party!

But, while you are reading this, I will be at a different sort of party. My son turns 17 today. Crazy, man, just crazy. So lift a glass and eat all the cake in celebration of the parenting ability in this household to keep a child alive for 17 years when we sure as hell can’t even keep a fern alive. It’s a miracle!

Oh, and hey, guess what? Audible is running a BOGO with Z-Burbia! What’s a BOGO? It means Buy One Get One free. BOGO. This deal is only for members, so you should probably sign up for an Audible account. I listen to audiobooks everyday. It’s so worth it. Have a click and get yourself some Jake Bible Audiobooks!

Oh, and Salvage Merc One is $.99 on Amazon! If you haven’t picked it up, now is the time!

Now, on to the drabble!



Jake Bible

Killing the beast was not an easy task. Lord Helmgnot realized this as he slid down the rock face before coming to rest in the scorched earth.

“Esthermane,” he whispered. He had lost his steed when the beast first came out of the cave, a monster made of nothing but pointy, gnashing teeth.

Lord Helmgnot winced as he tried to get comfortable against the rock. But it was not to be as he shifted and half his intestines spilled from under his doublet.

“But it was only a rabbit,” he muttered as his life slowly left him. “A stupid rabbit…”



Disclaimer: Ni!

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