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Friday Night Drabble Party!


Here we are again. It’s Friday. Apparently we’re getting some snow tonight. I’ll believe it when I see it. Part of moving to the mountains was because of snowy winters. Global warming took care of that! Thanks, Obama! It snowed!

Anyhoo, it’s time to get toasty and kick back for some 100 word goodness.

But, and you knew it was coming, time for a little shilling first!

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And now, on with the Drabble!



Thumb Drive
Jake Bible

The thumb drive sat on my desk for six days before I had the courage to plug it into the USB port on my computer. I should have waited six hundred days.

The files were filled with horrors. Horrors that I couldn’t imagine.

Documents, photographs, maps, sound recordings.


All of it was there on my Mac’s desktop. Just sitting there, the evidence that countless generations had hungered for. I had it.

But, for how long?

The following day the black sedans began to trail me. The men with earpieces on the street corners came next.

I haven’t stopped running.



Disclaimer: Shhhhhhh!

Friday Night Drabble Party!

It’s the last Drabble of 2016, y’all!


Anyhoo, hope you dig the drabble. But, before you get into the micro-fiction amazeballsness, please have a look at a couple of links below.

ROAK: Galactic Bounty Hunter

The Kickstarter for Lawless Lands: Tales From The Weird Frontier

The Mailing List- get exclusive access to live readings and other special stuffs!



Too Perfect
Jake Bible

His disguise had been too perfect.

He’d slid in through the back to steal leftovers from the kitchen before the head chef threw them into the incinerator. A month’s worth of food, destined to be burnt to dust at the end of the night.

When his chance came, he took it.

Then it all fell apart.

Trays of illicit hors d’oeuvres in hand, he was suddenly shoved into the ballroom, an angry red face yelling for him to stop standing there and get back to work. He’d been mistaken for a server because of his disguise.

His damned, perfect disguise.



Disclaimer: Mmmm, crab puffs.

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Well, here we are again, folks. Another Friday, another Party, another free Drabble! Bam!

Hey, you know what else is free? Z-Burbia!

Zburbia_ebook_coverThat’s right, the first book in my hit zombie apocalypse series is free for your Kindle pleasure.

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Now, how about some free micro-fiction? A gift of 100 words from me to you.



A Broken Wheel
Jake Bible


The desk chair had a broken wheel. Three perfectly good ones, but one that refused to do its job and get Vivian from one side of her office to the other.

She was going to be pissed if she died because of a broken wheel.

Vivian strained against the duct tape, but it was duct tape. She pushed her feet down to keep the broken wheel elevated. If she could get to her desk phone then she had a chance.

The office door opened behind her and her chance slipped away. Just like that. All because of a broken wheel.



Disclaimer: Duct tape always wins.

Sample Saturday: James Keeling

Glad y’all could make it to Sample Saturday!

This week we have James Keeling joining us and sharing a sample from his novel, Compensating Controls.

James is a working writer living in the frozen tundra of Minnesota.  He has four lovely daughters and spends the remainder of what little time he has being a computer professional as well as a writer. Find James at: Website: Twitter Handle: @SynapticJam Facebook: Google+:

Compensating Controls– James Keeling

“Everything is going great for Nicholas Edgwood. He has a job he excels at, he has a new girlfriend, and he has hope for the future. Karma can be a cruel mistress.  When he gets framed for a cyber-crime he did not commit, he must run for his life while his entire world crumbles around him.

He may not be the biggest and baddest guy out there, but he has skills, the kind garnered from a career steeped in computers and code. Now he must leverage these skills to their fullest to stay above ground and breathing. It will take all of his talent, and courage he may not have, just to survive.”

And don’t forget that if you are a writer and want to get involved with Sample Saturday just check out the original post HERE.

Sample Saturday: Rachel Howzell

Welcome to the first Sample Saturday of 2012! (No Mayan jokes, please).

This week we have a sample from the talented  writer, Rachel Howzell. She is featuring the first chapter from her mystery, No One Knows You’re Here.

Rachel Howzell was born and raised in South Los Angeles. An avid reader and lover of books, she received her B.A. in English and American Literature from the University of California at Santa Cruz. In 2002, Rachel’s first novel, A Quiet Storm, was published by Scriber to great notice, including reviews from O Magazine and Publishers Weekly, with a starred review from Library Journal. A Quiet Storm was also a featured selection for Borders’ Original Voices program, as well as an alternate selection for Black Expressions book club. She published her second novel, The View from Here, in November 2010.

No One Knows You’re Here -Rachel Howzell

“Three weeks out of cancer surgery, crime reporter Syeeda McKay is in the pursuit of Los Angeles’s most active serial killer. Over the last twenty years, the Phantom Slayer has hunted African-American prostitutes working in one of the worst parts of South Los Angeles, killing eight victims in the alleys off Western Avenue, and then disappearing into the shadows. But Syeeda doesn’t know that the killer has turned his sights on her.
Detective Adam Sherwood, a hotshot investigator with the Robbery-Homicide Division of the LAPD, has been handed the Phantom Slayer cases, and together, he and Syeeda must figure out who is doing the killing . . . before Syeeda becomes his next victim.”

And don’t forget that if you are a writer and want to get involved with Sample Saturday just check out the original post HERE.

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