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Writing In Suburbia #14: Wake Up Call

Welcome to another episode of Writing In Suburbia!

This week I get real about how income can flip on a dime (no pun intended). I also talk a little about getting back to my roots of being a pulp fiction writer. Okay, I talk a lot about getting back to my roots of being a pulp fiction writer.

And there might be some thoughts on soup and working food service.


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New Novel- In Perpetuity! It’s military space opera, Jake Bible style!

That’s right, folks! There’s a new Jake Bible novel out!

This time I venture into the the military space opera genre!

There is plenty of blood, plenty of strong language (I get especially creative in the very first scene with a master sergeant shouting at some cadets), and lots of space action with plasma rifles and space fighters and starships and pew pew pew!

So click away, my friends, and get you some seriously fun and exciting space opera goodness!

In-Perpetuity-ebook-coverIN PERPETUITY WE LIVE!

For two thousand years, Earth and her many colonies across the galaxy have fought against the Estelian menace. Having faced overwhelming losses, the CSC has instituted the largest military draft ever, conscripting millions into the battle against the aliens.

Major Bartram North, Chief Training Officer on the CSC Training Station Perpetuity, has been tasked with the unenviable task of coordinating the military education of hundreds of thousands of recruits and turning them into troops ready to fight and die for the cause.

As Major North struggles to maintain a training pace that the CSC insists upon, he realizes something isn’t right on the Perpetuity. But before he can investigate, the station dissolves into madness brought on by the physical booster known as pharma. Unfortunately for Major North, that is not the only nightmare he faces- an armada of Estelian warships is on the edge of the solar system and headed right for Earth!

Major North has one chance to find out the truth, rescue the Perpetuity from its madness, and defend the Earth from attack, or all of humanity could be lost forever!

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Another Friday the 13th on Drabble Party night? Say what?

It’s like the universe wants us all to embrace the macabre and rejoice in the fantastic and horrific!

Hey, speaking of fantastic and horrific, have you checked out Intentional Haunting yet? You should. It’s been nominated for a Bram Stoker Award! Huzzah! If you already have enjoyed its twistedness then feel free to leave a review. Those little word piles sure do help a novel out.


Now, how about a drabble?



Honey Pot
Jake Bible

The valley was filled with plant life the two thought extinct.

Trees, their leaves broad and lush; bushes, flowers purple and bright; grass, knee high; dandelions, bright yellow.

“Oh, Hal,” Melanie sighed. “It’s gorgeous.”

“Yeah, baby, it is,” Hal smiled as he took Melanie’s hand.

The two stepped from the road and onto the dirt path that lead into the lush, verdant valley.

Ten yards, twenty, thirty, sixty.

That’s all they had to go to realize the hidden oasis was a sham.

“Plastic,” Melanie cried. “But why?”

As the hatches opened and the armed men climbed out, they knew why.



Disclaimer: Sometimes you shouldn’t stop and smell the flowers.

Halloween Night Drabble Party!

O! M! G! It’s Halloween AND the Friday Night Drabble Party!

Got to calm down, got to calm down, got to- HALLOWEEN! I love it, I love it, I love it!

Know what else I love? Dead Mech on sale for $.99! (Segue for the mofo win, yo!) If you haven’t read my zombies/mechs/zombies in mechs mash-up then go spend a dollar and get you some seriously fun post-apocalyptic goodness! Clicky linky here!

Oooh, wait, there’s more! And this novel is actually Halloween themed! Be sure and check out Intentional Haunting, my latest release. It’s Teen horror, so kinda a mix of John Green and Stephen King in that classic Jake Bible style y’all love so much! Clicky another linky here!

Now, how’s about we get on with the Halloween drabble?



The Darkness Thirsts


Jake Bible


“Who dares summon me?” the Devil asked as he appeared in a puff of smoke in the center of the abandoned church.

“It is I, Master!” the man in the robes replied. “Your humble servant and-.”

“Sweet. Get me a latte from Starbucks, servant. Whole milk, two shots of vanilla. No cinnamon or nutmeg. NO CINNAMON OR NUTMEG!”

“Uh…uh…yes, Master.”

“God, I love Halloween,” the Devil sighed as the robed man hurried from the church and out to his Prius. “Free lattes rock.”



Disclaimer: If the Devil asks you to get him a latte, don’t get the two shots of vanilla. The guy is diabetic and in denial. Don’t be an enabler.

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Another Friday is upon us! LET THERE BE DRABBLE!


Sooooooo, how’s your week been? Mmm-hmm… Right… Really? With Kevin? You don’t say… Oh, now that’s just lazy.

Anyhoo, my week has been good. I’ve been writing the hell out of Reign of Four: III. That medieval space fiction is some fun stuff! Y’all are gonna dig it when it comes out next year!

Know what else you’re gonna dig? A drabble!

Let’s get to it!


Exclamation points!



Not In A Row


Jake Bible


“I just sign?” Victor asked.

“On the dotted line, baby,” Mr. Hob grinned. “Then you get to live a million days.”

“No tricks, right?” Victor frowned.

Mr. Hob snapped his fingers. “Nope.”

Victor hesitated then pierced his fingertip and signed.

“There,” Victor smiled. “Done!”

He stood there for a second then grabbed his chest and collapsed.

“What…?” Victor gasped.

“Right,” Mr. Hob smiled. “I never said the days would be in a row. Hopefully you wake up before they bury you.”

Mr. Hob walked off, a skip in his step, a whistle on his lips, another soul in his pocket.




Disclaimer: Don’t go down to the crossroads and try to flag a ride.

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