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Friday Night Drabble Party!

The last Friday before Halloween!

I have been saying all month that each Friday I’d release a Halloween themed Drabble. They haven’t all been directly about Halloween, but certainly in the spirit.

Tonight’s Drabble is old school. I went for the classic theme. I think you’ll dig it.

Oh, and before you have a read, maybe pop over and pick up my latest novel, Z-Burbia! You’ll totally dig that!



Had to Get Home


Jake Bible

There was nothing he could do, he had to get home.

His father was going to beat him silly if he missed curfew, but everyone at the bonfire was drunk. Like throwing up, passing out, drunk.

So he walked. He grabbed his backpack from Tony’s truck, said a few slurred goodbyes, and started hiking. It was eight miles, in cold, forty degree weather, with barely a moon behind the clouds. But better than being beaten to death by his dad.

When he got home, they were all crying. Why?

There was nothing he could do, he had to get home.



And don’t forget about Z-Burbia! It’s rocking up the charts and let’s keep it that way! Word!

Disclaimer: It’s not like if you don’t buy Z-Burbia I’ll come find you. No, not at all. It’s also not like I’m STANDING RIGHT BEHIND YOU!

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Happy Freakin’ Friday, Y’all!

In honor of Friday I have decided to have a party…a Drabble Party!

And now I go puke from my own cheesy-ness…

How y’all doin’ on this fine Summer Friday? Or Winter Friday for all you down below.

Tonight’s drabble is a bit of surreal estate. Ha! I made a funny! Hope you like it!


Working The Market

Disclaimer: I make no warranties, guaranties or special conveyances with this drabble. The story is sold AS-Is. Buyer beware.

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