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Friday Night Drabble Party!

You gotta, you gotta, you gotta get up on the git down! It’s the Friday Night Drabble Party!

Are you ready for some Drabble? I SAID, ARE YOU READY FOR SOME DRABBLE?

I know you are!

So let’s get to it!



Jake Bible

Musty, slimy algae filled his nostrils and Carlos struggled not to snort the goo and choke to death. He was upside down; still seatbelted into the driver seat. He fumbled at the latch, but his hands wouldn’t obey. He tried to kick himself free, but his legs wouldn’t obey.

Nothing below his neck would obey.

“HELP!” he screamed as he watched the swamp water start to rise. The car was sinking and he couldn’t do a thing about it. He was completely, 100% stuck.

His last thought was what would people think when they found the body in the trunk.



Disclaimer: Swamps, man. Swamps.

It’s Okay To Have Fun Just Because!!!


I am essentially hedonistic in nature. I’ll admit that. Basically, if it isn’t fun I’m not going to do it (excluding the life necessities that keep my family alive and stuff like that.)

But, due to the SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER SEASON OF GIANT BLOCKBUSTER FILMS, there are a lot of people on the MIGHTY INTERNET that seem intent on not only having zero fun, but of mocking and shaming folks because they did have fun. It’s getting bad, people. B-A-D spells moon bad. So for today’s post I figured I’d talk about having fun for fun’s sake!

I’m also going to say something that could hurt me in the online community: I’m not a geek. Now, I am using the stereotyped geek definition here, not the carnival freak that bites the heads off chickens. I am one of those (just kidding…?). I’m not saying there is anything wrong with being a geek, not at all! Let your geek flag fly! I wouldn’t have readers or listeners without the wonderful people that have embraced my fiction. Y’all rock!

I’m also not denying I don’t have one foot firmly planted in the geek world. I’d be lying if I said that. I’d also be lying if I didn’t admit to my years of D&D and MERP late nights. Plus, my comic book collection. And, my… Hmmmm, maybe I doth protest too much? I guess I’m really saying if I found myself in a geek throwdown I’d be handed my butt in two seconds. I know a lot, but I’m just not quite obsessive enough (Obsessive? Is that the right word?) to be considered a full blown geek. What I can say with certainty is that I am not anywhere close to a specific type of geek. You know the type of geek I’m talking about: the one that has difficulty actually enjoying anything they watch/read/listen to without tearing it apart.

I just don’t get that mindset. I can’t go there.

To explain why I don’t get it, let me talk about me some more because you all want to hear about me. I know I do.

I love scifi. Always have. I love all the genres, really. From comedy (Eureka style) to full on gut gripping terror (Event Horizon), I dig it all. Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t tell the difference between bad scifi and good scifi. Bad scifi is half of what Hollywood puts out, while good scifi is Joss Whedon, Battlestar Galactica, Orphan Black (and many others). But, I appreciate fun scifi most of all. If I am having a good time watching/reading/listening to something then that is all that matters. I do not care that the core processor being used would never be able to fire up the sub-space uberdrive’s dimensional potential because it can only process 100 TBs per millisecond. That makes no difference to me as long as the story is fun. Why doesn’t it make a difference? Because it’s science fiction! None of it is real! None of it! It’s a made-up story in a world that doesn’t exist. Even the “realistic” science-based scifi is still fiction. And all of that goes for  horror, fantasy, comic books and their adaptations on the big and small screen as well. It isn’t real and there are no rules when something isn’t real.

Of course, if something sucks (like really, really, really sucks) then it isn’t going to be fun.

Except… The cheese!

Now, I am using the cultural entertainment definition of cheese, not the dairy-based foodstuffs definition (but I do love that foodstuffs!). I am a HUGE fan of cheese! I love the “so bad, it’s good” scifi out there. I mean the SyFy channel cranks that out by the buttload and I just can’t keep up. I don’t even try anymore. One of my favorite memories of my childhood was the first time I ever saw Plan 9 From Outer Space on late night cable. Oh, the joy! It was so incredibly bad that even as a small child I could see the flaws. But, man, was it fun to watch! The horrible acting, the non-existent sets beyond cardboard and curtains, the flying saucers with the strings showing! Perfection! My son and I talk about this movie constantly with great fondness. It is a masterpiece.

Take everything I have said above and apply it to all genres and you know how I roll. I like to have fun and I refuse to pick something apart just to pick it apart. Why even watch/read/listen to anything if you aren’t even going to try to enjoy it?

This is why I doubt you will ever see me review anything or really even comment about it. I just can’t get to that place. I can have a good hearty discussion like the next person and I do have strong opinions about certain pieces of work (I can never get the two and a half hours back that I wasted watching Titanic in the theater. I still get sick to my stomach thinking about it). But, who the heck am I to say what is good and what isn’t? I’m a writer and I know how those reviews feel.

So, if you take anything from this post, let it be that it is okay to have fun! It is okay to enjoy yourself even if the movie/book/TV show/podcast isn’t perfect or as good as you thought it should be OR as good as someone else thought it should be! You don’t have to justify your enjoyment, you don’t have to worry that you will be thought less of, you don’t have to worry at all! Don’t be afraid to taste the cheese! Don’t be afraid to enjoy something without a care in the world what other people think!

Sometimes, almost ALL the time, it’s just better to have FUN for FUN’S sake!

And with that I leave you this!


Disclaimer: This is a generalization! I am not saying all geeks argue the details, thus ruining the entertainment value of a product. I’m just saying, well, you know what I’m saying and you know the type I’m talking about. If you don’t know what I’m saying and want to argue about this then please re-read my post. Thanks!

Friday Night Drabble Party!

The Party is back in full swing, y’all! So grab yourself a tasty Friday Night beverage and get ready for some serious 100 word action!

Okay, well, maybe not too serious…

But! Before we get into the drabble, how’s about we talk about Natural Born Cyborgs? I know ya wanna!

The votes have been tallied and Natural Born Cyborgs is the novel you folks want me to write next. I am pretty stoked about it and have already started getting notes in order to build this new world that rose from the ashes of the Apex Trilogy. Gonna be fun!

Don’t know what I am talking about? Then click right…HERE!

Pretty cool, eh?

So, on to the drabble then! And don’t forget that– Whoa, hold on! I almost forgot to talk about the runner up in the voting. The mighty Big Box Blood Bath! BBBB got half the votes that NBC got, but it did have a rabid following cheering it on. And it’s a pretty cool story! Which is why I believe I will turn it into a serial!

Yes, you heard me, a serial!!! I added a couple exclamation points for emphasis. I plan on pitching to Amazon to see if it can be a Kindle Serial, but even if they don’t pick it up I’m going to move forward. There are pluses and minuses to both ways. I will keep you all posted!

So, in addition to any continuations of tonight’s drabble, feel free to give me your thoughts on BBBB as a serialized story down in the comments section. You know how I love input! And exclamation points! !!!



All Have Our Place
Jake Bible

The manacles weren’t too tight or too loose, but just right.

“Are you going to eat your gruel?” Stu asked the other prisoner, watching the maggot filled mush with greedy eyes. “I do love Thursday’s gruel. Just a hint of rancidity, but not quite fully off yet. Not like Sunday’s.”

The other prisoner didn’t respond.

“Right then… Never mind,” Stu sulked. “Keep it. I don’t care.”

They were silent for a minute then…

“I don’t really miss the sun,” Stu offered. “Or the wind. I like it here. You?”

“Shut it,” the man croaked.

“Right… Sorry… So… About that gruel…”



Disclaimer: No maggots were harmed in the making of this drabble.

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Oh, how the sun revolves around the earth… Wait, strike that, reverse.

That means another week is down and it’s time for Friday Night Drabble Party!

Thanks to those that have participated. And a special thanks to those that have been so supportive in my decision to leave podcasting. Y’all rock!

I have a blog post and a couple of interviews posted. Go back and have a read/listen if you are so inclined and don’t know what’s going on with my walking away from the mic.

But, for now, enjoy the drabble and feel free to add your part to it in the comments section.



The Coffin Man


Jake Bible

The Coffin Man looked at the boy. The boy looked back.

“Where are your parents?” the Coffin Man asked.

“Dead,” the boy replied through his tears.

“You want to come with me?”

“You? Where?”

“Wherever I’m needed,” the Coffin Man replied, patting the top of his massive iron box, an oblong monstrosity that he was harnessed to and had to pull from town to town.

“To be a Coffin Man?” the boy asked.


“On what?”

“Whether you live,” the Coffin Man nodded towards the lightening sky. “The Unseen will be awake soon.”

The boy didn’t hesitate and climbed on.


Friday Night Drabble Party!

Ok, folks. It appears the Party consists of myself and Heyes. Not that that is a problem. The guy can write!

So, if you think you can write (I call dibs on that as the next breakout reality show!) then get your wordy words down in the comments section tonight! DO IT!



Serial Rookie
Jake Bible

“When it makes a promise it must keep the promise,” the man outside the cage insisted. “Or if it does not keep the promise then the promise it has been told will happen.”
Carl just stood there, his hands on the iron bars, his eyebrows raised. “I have no idea what you are saying.”
The man outside the cage sighed and then started again, but Carl quickly interrupted him. “No, I heard you. I just have no idea why you are saying that.”
The man outside the cage looked at his notes. “OK, let’s try this. It puts the lotion…”



Disclaimer: Oh, it will get the hose again…

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