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Friday Night Drabble Party!

Welcome to the Party!

Time for more free drabble fiction for your reading pleasure! READING PLEASURE! (Sorry I yelled, I’m just so damn excited! …no reason, it’s just a good Friday)

Sticking with the Twister saga. I’ll probably wrap it up in the next few weeks. I can see an end soon.

So pour some wine, grab a beer, make some popcorn and kick back for “Fever”.



Don’t forget to get your ebook fiction! Click the Buy The Fiction page above. Bethany And The Zombie Jesus is one heck of a novelette and the collection itself is quite good. QUITE GOOD!

Disclaimer: I’m not telling.

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Another Friday, another week down!

Must be time to have a Drabble Party!

Tonight’s drabble is, “Spiked” and it continues the serialized story I am creating on the fly. Honestly, I don’t even think of this story until I sit down to write first thing Friday morning. It’s been kinda fun to just go with it.

So kick back and get yourself a nice, warm drink (it’s zero here in Appalachia!) and enjoy!



Disclaimer: Still suitable for pretty much all ages. I’ll let you know if it takes a turn towards the explicit. I don’t think it will.

Friday Night Drabble Party!


It’s a cold Party tonight! We have snow and wind and snow and some more wind. Welcome to winter in the Appalachians!

I guess the weather has certainly influenced my drabbles lately. Tonight’s is no different.

Welcome to part four, “Mudlub”.



Disclaimer: Ain’t no nasty language. No graphic violence (yet). Read away!

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Well it’s a New Year’s Eve edition of the Party!

While you are reading this I’ll be partying down with the Avett Brothers here in Asheville! Hells yeah! (Okay I won’t be partying with them, but I’ll be at the concert)

Like I said the past couple weeks I am trying a serialized story for the Party.

Here is part three, “Willow”.



Disclaimer: Still have no idea where this is going. I do plan on keeping it “clean” though. May not be child appropriate, but certainly should be YA appropriate.

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