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Friday Night Drabble Party!

Well, hello there!

Back for more free fiction, I see. Good for you. Good for you.

But, and you knew this was coming, before we get to the micro-fiction, how about I shout from the rooftops about Salvage Merc One. Can you dig it? I knew that you could!

As of this typing (7:50am EST, Friday, January 29th) Salvage Merc One is on the following charts:

That’s pretty freaking suuuuuuwheeeeet!

Thanks to everyone that has been buying and supporting this hell of a fun space marine adventure. Y’all rock!

WhaSalvage-Merc-one-ebook-covert is Salvage Merc One? I’m glad you asked!

Joseph Laribeau was born to be a Marine in the Galactic Fleet. He was born to fight the alien enemies known as the Skrang Alliance and travel the galaxy doing his duty as a Marine Sergeant. He loved the life. But when the War ended and Joe found himself medically discharged, the best job ever was over and he never thought he’d find his way again.

Then a beautiful alien walked into his life and offered him a chance at something even greater than the Fleet, a chance to serve with the Salvage Merc Corp.

Now known as Salvage Merc One Eighty-Four, Joe Laribeau is given the ultimate assignment by the SMC bosses. To his surprise it is neither a military nor a corporate salvage. Rather, Joe has to risk his life for one of his own. He has to find and bring back the legend that started the Corp.

He must find Salvage Merc One.


Pretty groovy, yes? Yes! So go all clickety clickety on that cover and get you some Salvage Merc One!

Now on to the drabble!



Only Other Person
Jake Bible

The eyes were nothing short of spectacular. Lawrence could feel their power. He knew that all he had to do was free the god and that power was his.

Lawrence stepped forward and raised his hands

“Oh, great and powerful Hebatesia!” Lawrence shouted in the dust-filled catacomb. “I have brought you a sacrifice! His blood will be my gift to you! It will free you from your ten thousand year imprisonment!”

Mike frowned and looked about the catacomb as he set Lawrence’s gear down.

“Uh… Did you say sacrifice?” Mike asked, realizing he was the only other person there.



Disclaimer: What? What are you looking at?


New Novel- In Perpetuity! It’s military space opera, Jake Bible style!

That’s right, folks! There’s a new Jake Bible novel out!

This time I venture into the the military space opera genre!

There is plenty of blood, plenty of strong language (I get especially creative in the very first scene with a master sergeant shouting at some cadets), and lots of space action with plasma rifles and space fighters and starships and pew pew pew!

So click away, my friends, and get you some seriously fun and exciting space opera goodness!

In-Perpetuity-ebook-coverIN PERPETUITY WE LIVE!

For two thousand years, Earth and her many colonies across the galaxy have fought against the Estelian menace. Having faced overwhelming losses, the CSC has instituted the largest military draft ever, conscripting millions into the battle against the aliens.

Major Bartram North, Chief Training Officer on the CSC Training Station Perpetuity, has been tasked with the unenviable task of coordinating the military education of hundreds of thousands of recruits and turning them into troops ready to fight and die for the cause.

As Major North struggles to maintain a training pace that the CSC insists upon, he realizes something isn’t right on the Perpetuity. But before he can investigate, the station dissolves into madness brought on by the physical booster known as pharma. Unfortunately for Major North, that is not the only nightmare he faces- an armada of Estelian warships is on the edge of the solar system and headed right for Earth!

Major North has one chance to find out the truth, rescue the Perpetuity from its madness, and defend the Earth from attack, or all of humanity could be lost forever!

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