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Malk takes Best Use Of Genre and Audience Award!

Just a quick update to let everyone know that Malk took the Best Use Of Genre and Audience Award (Group A) at this year’s Asheville 48 Hour Film Project!

Thanks to Craig Robinette, Noble Robinette, Martin Robinette and Chip Zimmerman (not pictured) for being such a great team!

Go Team Long Shot!

Missed Malk? Here ya go!

Thanks to everyone who helped and to everyone for their support!


MALK- The Story Of Male Lactation

So from June 22-24th I was part of Team Long Shot in the 48 Hour Film Project here in Asheville. It was an amazing time and I was lucky to work with some talented, creative, hilarious folks.

If you don’t know about the 48HFP the basic premise is that teams draw their genre from a hat (ours was mockumentary) and then all teams are given the same prop, character and line of dialogue they have to use. This year the prop was a magnet, the character was Hilda or Harold Pineda- an elected official, and the dialogue was “Who are you looking for?” Each team then has 48 hours to write, shoot, edit and produce the film.

After being at the public screening last night I think we nailed it. The audience was laughing their butts off! They even tried to quiet down so they could hear the next line. That’s gold there, baby!

I hope you like it!

Here it is:


Disclaimer: This is suitable for work as there is no bad language, violence or sex. Just lots of hairy nipples.

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