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Stark- The Podcast Episode 3

And there you have it, folks! Stark is finished.

Just a quick three episodes that I hope you liked. I had released these, even though I hadn’t planned to, in order to drum up interest in the Kickstarter campaign for Rash. But, unfortunately with less than 24 hours left, I don’t think Rash will be funded.

What does this mean? Honestly, I don’t know. I doubt I’ll let the series die, but if I can’t get crowdfunding then it will be a good couple years before I’ll be able to afford to publish it. Thems the breaks.

I’ll be writing a blog post about the process, from launch to failure, soon. That will have a few more thoughts on teh subject.

Until then please enjoy the last episode of Stark!

Stark- The Podcast Episode 3- The End


Stark- The Podcast Episode 2

Welcome back, y’all!

Here is the second episode of Stark. Hope you liked the first.

If you did like the first then maybe head over to the Kickstarter campaign for Rash- An Illustrated Novella and pledge a couple of dollars. We only have until August 2nd to get Rash funded. If it doesn’t hit $1900 then it loses everything. No funding, no illustrated novella. No illustrated novella then you don’t find out what happens after Stark. Simple, yet sad, math.

Go back this bitch Rash- An Illustrated Novella

Now here is the next episode of Stark- The Podcast


Where The Party At?

No Friday Night Drabble Party? Not tonight!

It’s Friday the 13th so I’m going to totally mess with your schedule! MESS WITH IT!

Instead of the Party I want to talk about Rash. No, not a rash, but Rash- An Illustrated Novella. This is my latest Kickstarter campaign and it can be found here Rash- An Illustrated Novella

This is the sequel to Stark- An Illustrated Novella (available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble). The Stark campaign was a great success and I am hoping Rash will be too.

And that’s where I need your help. Since Rash is a Kickstarter campaign it has to be fully funded or all funds are lost. One dollar short and it’s game over. I really love this series (there will be a third) and would hate for it to die. And that’s a simple fact: if it doesn’t get funded then it doesn’t get printed. Not being a full time writer, my funds are extremely limited when it comes to publishing. Funds I do have set aside for editing, cover, etc will be going to Metal and Ash, the third book in the Apex Trilogy. That is numero uno on the publishing list.

Why should you back Rash? (I said back rash) What I am trying to create here is more than just an illustrated novella. I am really hoping this style takes off so more writers and artists can work together. An illustrated novella gives the writer a chance to use their full prose and the artist a chance to illustrate a story without having to create an entire graphic novel or comic book. If I can make this series a success then it benefits all! (I’m a giver that way)

So do your part to help shape the future of literature and art. Go back Rash- An Illustrated Novella right now. For just $5 you can feed a hungry writer and starving artist.


Kickstarter Campaign For Rash!

That’s right, folks! The Kickstarter campaign for Rash- An Illustrated Novella, has started!

If you don’t know, Rash is the sequel to Stark and totally kicks ass! What’s Rash about/ Well I guess you should read this description!

“Rash, Wyoming.

A quiet town, made up of simple, quiet folk. A town where children still play outside until dark. A town where everyone knows everyone else. A town that still believes in the innate goodness of people. A town that has the unfortunate fate of being only twenty miles from the Nebraska border town of Stark.

Rash, Wyoming.

A town that will bleed like no town has ever bled before.

But, in Rash is a man that knows the evils of Stark and knows why the violent horror that has left its streets filled with blood is now spilling over into the bucolic paradise of Rash. And this man, the man from Rash, will be shoulders deep in that blood before he can set things right. But, will his blood be part of that river of death? Will he set things right? Or will the bloody violence from Stark take him down?

Author Jake Bible, the mind that brought you DEAD MECH, The Americans and Bethany And The Zombie Jesus, now brings you the second of three illustrated tales of sociopathic horror and violence. Rash takes the horror and violence of Stark and turns it into a whirlwind of terror and bloodshed which will leave you wishing you’d never turned the pages.

Be warned, Rash shouldn’t be read. Rash shouldn’t have been written. Rash shouldn’t be allowed to soil the landscape of American literature.

Rash should be banned, burned and wiped off the face of the planet.”

Not too shabby a description, eh? And don’t worry, the novella lives up to the hype fo sho!

Not convinced? Well, here’s the trailer video for it!

Rash- An Illustrated Novella

So get your butts over to the campaign and back that bitch!


By clicking HERE!

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