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Friday Night Drabble Party!

And a fine howdy to y’all this evening!

Welcome back to the Friday Night Drabble Party!

Hey! Guess what? New audiobook!

Click the pic (it’s a big pic, hard to miss) and fill your earholes with some Roak on a murderous rampage! GOOD STUFF!

Now, on with the drabble!



Flitter Along
Jake Bible

“Little boxes, little boxes…”

The imp hummed as he skipped from house to house, his pail of oil splashing its contents here and there in an incendiary trail of destruction. The flames from the first house found that trail and began to follow the imp.

He paused in his humming, his skipping, his destruction, and glanced over his shoulder at the approaching flames.

“Oh, hello,” he said and waved. “Flitter along to those little boxes now. Flitter along.”

The flames found the many trails of oil leading to the front doors of the unsuspecting homes. Oh, how those flames flittered…



Disclaimer: More Roak!

New Roak: Galactic Bounty Hunter Novel! Razer Edge Is HERE!

The 3rd Roak book is out now!

Get to the buying, the reading, and the reviewing! Tell your friends! Spread the word!

Razer Station is one of the most notorious stations in the galaxy. Criminals, con artists, freaks, rebels, junkies, and smugglers inhabit the space station that floats at the outer edge of civilization.
It’s Roak’s kind of place.
But, Roak isn’t on Razer for a little R&R; he’s there on a job.
For Roak, it should be an easy job- track down an old tech that has been targeted by several corporations and deliver the tech to the corporations.
Except Razer Station is never that accommodating and Roak’s easy job quickly turns into a nightmare battle for survival and a race across the station before it all goes up in flames.
The third chapter in the Roak saga continues with more grit, more grime, and more bodies than ever. Roak is pissed and gunning for anyone and everyone that dares get in his way!

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