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Friday Night Drabble Party!

Let’s all say hello to another Friday!

“Hello, another Friday!”

Hey, before we dive into the 100 words, how about you take a look at something brand spanking new! (Not sure why we say “spanking” new. Weird…)

It’s Agent Prime!

Denman Sno is Agent Prime!

The best of the Fleet Intelligence Service’s elite Special Service Division, Denman Sno will need to use all of his skills and resources to stop the galaxy from plunging into another War with the alien menace known as the Skrang Alliance.

Sno’s assignment: protect and deliver Pol Hammon, the galaxy’s greatest dark tech hacker, to Galactic Fleet headquarters.

Hammon is in possession of new technology that can and will change the landscape of galactic life. The Galactic Fleet will do anything to keep that technology out of the hands of the Skrang Alliance even it it means sacrificing their best agent.

Even if it means sacrificing Agent Prime!

Murder. Espionage. Romance. Treachery. Greed.

Agent Prime is prepared for it all!


Yeah, you wanna read that, don’t ya? YOU DO! Click away!

Now, on with the drabble!



Jake Bible

The spokes of the bicycle wheel were swirling curlycues of blood; completely mesmerizing.

Bobby turned his head and looked at the bike. He’d built it from parts with his own hands. No help from his father, no help from his friends. Piece by piece, he’d bolted that bike together.

He was enraged that it would turn on him like it had.

Picking himself up, Bobby limped to the bike, pulled his .45, and shot it. It had betrayed him, but he wasn’t going to let it suffer. He wasn’t cruel like his father.

“Time for a new bike,” Bobby said.



Disclaimer: Gotta watch them two-wheelers, am I right?


Friday Night Drabble Party!


Another Friday is here so that means it’s time for more Drabble greatness! Huzzah!

Before we dive into the free micro-fiction, how about you check out what’s below. Click one of the pics to be transported to greatness!

There’s a new episode of Writing In Suburbia!




Rhett Bruno’s Circuit Trilogy is on sale for $.99!








And Galactic Vice is always ready to party!









Now, on with the drabble!



Impossible Body
Jake Bible

“Of all the specimens I’ve collected, this one is my favorite,” Mr. Rege stated as he gestured towards the display case. “As you can see, it is perfectly preserved. Until this find, only partial examples were ever found.”

Morgan stared at the multi-limbed…thing. It was suspended in the display case by thick wires, its impossible body hung for all to see.

Then it twitched.

“Uh…Mr. Rege?” Morgan said, tapping him on the shoulder as the man continued to address the other guests. “It moved.”

“Nonsense,” Mr. Rege said as the display case shattered into a thousand pieces.



Disclaimer: Don’t tap on the glass!

Writing In Suburbia #60: The One Where I Interview Myself! And Fail Hard…

Welcome back, y’all!

It’s time for episode #60! Woo hoo!

In this episode, I attempt to interview myself. No, seriously. It’s all part of a new segment I’ll be including in Writing In Suburbia twice a month. I’ll be interviewing writers and asking them two questions: Why do you write? and, What was, or still is, the hardest part about being a writer?

I’ve already got some great interviews recorded.

But I thought it would be fun to break y’all in with an interview of myself. Fun? Sure. Funny? Yeah, I crack myself up.

So, have a listen and enjoy!


Show notes-

Books mentioned:

Galactic Vice by Jake Bible

Theme music: “Whiskey on the Mississippi” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License





Google Play-

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Welcome back, y’all!

How do these Fridays keep happening? Where do they all come from? It’s like every week there’s another Friday. Crazy.

HEY! Sorry, didn’t mean to yell, but HEY!

Have you read Galactic Vice? If you have then please do me a favor and leave a review. It can be one or two words even. Here are some suggestions: “AMAZING!”, “GROUNDBREAKING!”, “ORGASMIC!”

Okay, maybe not that last one…

Anyhoo, reviews are how authors stay alive these days. If you forget to review your favorite author then they shrivel up like shrinky dinks and become husks of their former selves. And as much fun as that would be to watch, just like watching shrinky dinks in the oven, most authors don’t enjoy shriveling. Something to do with the thymus gland or whatever.


Here’s a pic you can click for ease and convenience of travel to Amazonland:

Also! Guess what?

Now, on with the drabble!



The Image
Jake Bible

“Can we cry alone and be our better selves?” Missy asked, her eyes locked onto the image before her. “Can we be solitary creatures and improve upon our basic beings?”

“Uh…” Craig mumbled, unsure of where she was going with all that.

“I mean, look at this,” Missy continued, nodding at the image. “It’s excruciating. The inner turmoil I feel demands that I be alone.”

“I’m not seeing…” Craig began, but gave up. The image wouldn’t let him finish.

“Maybe we should break up?” Missy suggested.

“I can’t… I won’t…” Craig stuttered.

The image watched them, mocked them, ruled them.



Disclaimer: REVIEW OR DIE!

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Happy Friday, y’all!

Is your Friday a freezing hellscape of wind and stupid weather? Mine is! Over 50 degrees yesterday and now it isn’t even 30? END TIMES, PEOPLE! END TIMES!

Speaking of end of times, and beginning of times, you should check out Brian Walton’s Recursion series.

“The Recursion Event Saga is a time travel thriller told chronologically in 5 parts. each taking you to unique settings, times, and characters. From 1950s Paris to a post-apocalyptic future, lives and fates collide in ISD Agent Molly Gardner’s desperate fight to hold together the threads of history, and to solve the riddle of her life.

A war-correspondent searching for his dead wife, a young screenwriter with a love for the paranormal, a time-traveling double agent, and a girl who’s lived multiple lives—all play a part in the century-spanning saga.

This week only (1/30-2/2) get books 1-3 of the Recursion Event Saga for 99c each, and escape through time today… or yesterday.

Sounds cool, right? Check it out!

Something else to check out? Autographed novels! I am now signing and shipping books directly to you! To YOU!

Also, don’t forget about Galactic Vice! And sign up for the mailing list!

Now, on with the Drabble! Huzzah!



Really Upset
Jake Bible

“I can’t find my wallet,” the man sobbed. “I can’t find my wallet!”

“Should we help?” Melissa whispered to Jeff. “He looks really upset.”

“He lost his wallet,” Jeff said as the couple walked on. “I’d be upset too.”

“IT WAS MY LIFE!” the man shrieked.

“Jeff…” Melissa hissed.

“Fine,” Jeff said, returning to the man as Melissa waited. “Hey, buddy, can I–.”

The knife slash was swift.

“Did you take it?” the man asked, Jeff’s throat spewing blood.

Melissa screamed.

The man smiled down at Jeff. Then he picked up something from the sidewalk. “Oh, wait, here it is.”



Disclaimer: Watch the hands.

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