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Are You Ready For Some Galactic Football?

Hey Folks!

Today is dedicated to New York Times Bestselling Author Scott Sigler’s pre-order launch of the third book in his Galactic Football League series, The All-Pro! This is a Limited Edition hardcover printing, so you need to hurry now!

Why am I pushing this for Scott? Because he has done me solid since I started podcasting and writing and the man deserves all the help I can give him! Many of you wouldn’t know I’m here without Scott helping to put me on the map!

So check out the info below about The All-Pro and be sure and pre-order that bad boy right away! Oh, and since I know things are tight right now, be sure and use the discount code MECH when you order. This will get you $3 off on the hardcover! Always nice to save you a little bit o’ scratch.

Sales start at 9am pacific US and Noon eastern US. Go to to order and use the code MECH for the $3 discount!

What is The All-Pro?

THE ALL-PRO is the third book in the Galactic Football League series, following on THE ROOKIE and THE STARTER. Seven centuries into the future, aliens and humans compete for the greatest prize in the universe: the Galaxy Bowl trophy. Quarterback Quentin Barnes enters his third season at the helm of the Ionath Krakens. He’s re-shaped the team in his image, and the time for excuses is over — it’s win, or be replaced. Quentin’s championship quest carries he and his teammates across the galaxy in a brutal twelve-game season fraught with injury and death. But he faces more than just on-field challenges. As he enters a free-agent year, several franchises vie for his services. Will he play for a new team, or will he remain with his beloved Krakens. And then there’s the slight distraction that someone, somewhere, is trying to assassinate him – and he doesn’t know why.

Think of this series as “STAR WARS” meets “THE BLIND SIDE” meets “THE GODFATHER.” It is an outstanding series and I highly recommend it. Like scifi? You’ll love it! Like underworld mob crime? You’ll love it! Like football? You’ll love it!

Head over to right now and enter MECH to order your copy of the Limited Edition hardcover of The All-Pro, The Starter and The Rookie!

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