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Two New eBooks!

Well, hello there!

So, looks like I have been busy with things other than Natural Born Cyborgs.

I have published two new eBooks! The first one, One Foggy Night: A DEAD MECH Prequel Short, is just that, a prequel short story set in the world of DEAD MECH. I have plans for this guy. It is currently free on Smashwords and Kobo, but $.99 on Amazon and B&N. I’d love for it to be free on every retailer site. Sooooo, if someone were to let Amazon and B&N know that it is free elsewhere they would be forced to cut that $.99 price down to zero. Just saying.


One Foggy Night: A DEAD MECH Prequel Short-

Years before the events in DEAD MECH, many of the characters find themselves in one city/state at the same time. Foreshadowing events to come, One Foggy Night is a prequel short to DEAD MECH. Get a peak at Masters, Harlow, Jay Rind, Bisby, Stanislaw, and the Rookie years before their fates are sealed. Blood, sex, action, murder, and moonshine- in the Wasteland anything is possible!

The other new eBook is C-Notes: A Collection of 100 Drabbles. This guy is a compilation of drabbles from Friday Night Drabble Party and also others that I have written over the years. You like 100 word stories? You like a collection with 100 stories in it? Then you’ll love this!


C-Notes: A Collection Of 100 Drabbles-

Giant aliens. Tortured writers. Post-apocalyptic cannibals. Zombies. Vampires. Werewolves. Gangsters. Mad fowl. Devils. And God.
Just a few of the subjects in C-Notes: A Collection of 100 Drabbles. Drabbles are stories exactly 100 words long and C-Notes is chock-a-block full of these crazy stories ranging from bloodthirsty maniacs to militarized turkeys fighting for their very existence! What? It can happen! Kick back, grab a beverage, and enjoy the insanity of 100 stories all in one collection!

You may click on the eBook covers or click below on your favorite retailer. Enjoy!

Friday Night Drabble Party!

The Party is back in full swing, y’all! So grab yourself a tasty Friday Night beverage and get ready for some serious 100 word action!

Okay, well, maybe not too serious…

But! Before we get into the drabble, how’s about we talk about Natural Born Cyborgs? I know ya wanna!

The votes have been tallied and Natural Born Cyborgs is the novel you folks want me to write next. I am pretty stoked about it and have already started getting notes in order to build this new world that rose from the ashes of the Apex Trilogy. Gonna be fun!

Don’t know what I am talking about? Then click right…HERE!

Pretty cool, eh?

So, on to the drabble then! And don’t forget that– Whoa, hold on! I almost forgot to talk about the runner up in the voting. The mighty Big Box Blood Bath! BBBB got half the votes that NBC got, but it did have a rabid following cheering it on. And it’s a pretty cool story! Which is why I believe I will turn it into a serial!

Yes, you heard me, a serial!!! I added a couple exclamation points for emphasis. I plan on pitching to Amazon to see if it can be a Kindle Serial, but even if they don’t pick it up I’m going to move forward. There are pluses and minuses to both ways. I will keep you all posted!

So, in addition to any continuations of tonight’s drabble, feel free to give me your thoughts on BBBB as a serialized story down in the comments section. You know how I love input! And exclamation points! !!!



All Have Our Place
Jake Bible

The manacles weren’t too tight or too loose, but just right.

“Are you going to eat your gruel?” Stu asked the other prisoner, watching the maggot filled mush with greedy eyes. “I do love Thursday’s gruel. Just a hint of rancidity, but not quite fully off yet. Not like Sunday’s.”

The other prisoner didn’t respond.

“Right then… Never mind,” Stu sulked. “Keep it. I don’t care.”

They were silent for a minute then…

“I don’t really miss the sun,” Stu offered. “Or the wind. I like it here. You?”

“Shut it,” the man croaked.

“Right… Sorry… So… About that gruel…”



Disclaimer: No maggots were harmed in the making of this drabble.

The Next Way To Publish- The Pitches!

Howdy, folks!

Today, as promised, I am listing the pitches for the ten novels I’d like to write and you get to vote on!

On Monday April 8th the voting will be open, so go ahead and read these over and ponder which three you’d like to see go to the next round of voting.

Got questions? Fire away in the comments section.


The Pitches-

Natural Born Cyborgs
The techno-virus used by the Three hundreds of years ago has mutated and combined with BC (biochrome) to create a generation of natural born cyborgs- part biorganic metal, part human. Society decides these Splicers, as they are called, are too dangerous to let live and rounds them up for extermination. Those not found must hide their true natures and fight for their lives. And the lives of those yet born.
Set in the same universe as DEAD MECH, but hundreds of years after the events in the Apex Trilogy, Natural Born Cyborgs is the first in the Splicer Wars series of novels that introduce the world to the new MechPunk style of science fiction- raw, unrelenting, brutal, and shiny.

Stone and Reginald are back. The two bioborgs (organic metal cyborgs with human consciousnesses) from the Apex Trilogy are now in the Mexican Empire and refusing to get along with anyone or play nice. Sucked into a world of drugs, violence, greed, and corruption, the partners, and former operatives for the Three, are pushed to their limits. Unfortunately for those pushing, Stone and Reginald have no limits. A high-action techno-thriller, Chrome continues the brutal, unrelentingly violent saga of two killers trained in the art of chaos and destruction.

Day is for the Unseen. Night is for everyone else if they want to stay alive.
But that is about to change…
In an alien landscape, humanity is forced to live at night and only the Coffin Men travel from settlement to settlement, bringing needed supplies, information, and entertainment. Pulling their massive iron Coffins behind them –their homes, their armories, their sanctuaries- these men brave the dangers of the night and fear only the Unseen of the day. But Coffin Men are never allies. They work for themselves and protect their routes with brutal finality, many times entertaining settlements with a no-holds barred fight to the death to see which Coffin Man will keep their territory or lose it to a new challenger.
Trained by his father, but left orphaned, Pain is known as one of the most ruthless of the Coffin Men, having raised himself from a young boy, pulling his Coffin on his own, developing the skills of a killer, trader, fighter, ambassador without help from anyone. When Pain hears whispers in his mind during his fretful daytime sleep, he realizes that the Unseen may no longer be willing to keep only to the day as they have for millennia. Something has changed. And Pain knows that if he doesn’t unite the settlements, and the Coffin Men, then humanity’s tenuous grasp on survival is over.

Stone Cold Bastards
What if the Dirty Dozen were a crack team of gargoyles that must defend their Sanctuary against a raving horde of demon-possessed humans that want nothing more than the destruction of the entire human race and all that is good?
Yeah. That.
Stone Cold Bastards is set in a world where Hell has released every last demon and most of humanity is now a puke-spewing, blue-skinned, head-spinning mess. The last hope humanity has are a rag-tag team of gargoyles, come to life and ready for battle now that the End of Days is at hand. Do the gargoyles care that humanity is being wiped out? Not really. Do they intend to go defend those that are being brutally murdered and tortured? Not so much. Will they fight to their last carved claw to keep their Sanctuary, and everyone in it, from harm? Oh, hell yes they will!
Will they open their Sanctuary to a wandering gargoyle and the small child it says is the last hope for all? They haven’t decided yet. They’re thinking about it over bottles of whiskey. Come back tomorrow.
Action, violence, pulpy good fun is what Stone Cold Bastards is all about!

Big Box Blood Bath
The world outside BigMart is gone.
No more.
Those left inside cannot leave.
Naturally, real estate is divided and factions are formed upon the concrete and between the massive shelves of foodstuffs and durable goods.
It’s men versus women, children versus the aged.
And every aisle for itself!
A gore-filled romp of Thunderdome meets The Mist all set in a Sam’s Club-style hell.

Peter Bremer is a man thrust into a world of brutal violence as he tries to help a friend escape the clutches of organized crime. Peter has never fired a gun, never held a knife outside of his kitchen, never been in a fight.
Never killed anyone.
But the man quickly finds out he’s good at all if it. Some might say he has an instinct for it.
Especially the killing.
Instinct is a non-stop thriller that puts Peter in harm’s way on every page. A race to the death, Instinct pulls zero punches and will leave you breathless as Peter Bremer discovers, and must come to terms with, his true nature.

In The Retail States of America, the PoDs are everything. School, shopping, dining, and work are all done in the PoDs. Why go outside? Why ever leave a PoD? PoDs are life!
But for Customer Service PoD Captain First Class Huxley Moore, the world tips upside down and Huxley finds himself, and his two other ComPoDres, flung out into the Wildz.
Literally flung. Like their PoD was picked up and thrown out into the Wildz. Well, not really. More like a major system malfunction that activates their PoD’s escape protocols. Either way, not good.
Now Huxley, and his ComPoDres, must drag their PoD through the Commune, the Coast, the Cascades, the Columbia, the Cartels, and the Capitol, in order to get back to the Customers they have sworn to protect and serve.
Join Huxley in this science fiction satire as he fights his way back to his life in PoDLanD and discovers some truths along the way.

“Some things insist on coming back inside, even when you’ve put them out back forever.”
The Reardons have moved from their shattered lives in Chicago to a small, old, family farm in the rural mountains of North Carolina. They struggle to pick up the pieces after their son and daughter are killed by a drunk driver. Now an only child, eight year old Abby must cope with a father that blames himself, a mother that has checked out with booze and drugs, and a new life on a farm with a sinister past. And a deadly future.
Backyard is a classic horror story harkening back to such greats as Ghost Story and The Shining. It tells the tale of a young girl that is for all intents and purposes on her own in an unfamiliar setting that would love nothing more than to have her join the things that live (or not) in the backyard forever.

Sick of the pop culture bullshit, vampires decide to come out to the world and show humanity that they’re just as varied as the race they came from. But before the vampires and the humans can come to an understanding of co-existence, the fundamentalist religions of the world declare war on the bloodsuckers. Just as an alien race targets the Earth for destruction.
Now the same religions, along with the rest of the human race, must beg the vampires to help save them from a force even more deadly than the fanged creatures of the night. Lucky for humanity, despite their variations in physicality, temperament and appetite, every single one of the bloodsuckers are Bad Ass Mother Fucking Vampires.
It’s Underworld meets Mars Attacks! in this crazy horror/scifi mash-up that will leave the reader cringing, crying, howling with laughter, and on the edge of their seat as those that meant to drain the last drop of blood from humanity now have to save them in order to survive.

In America we are taught that Capitalism is the most important part of our society. There is debate about that amongst the many political and social organizations, but for Trey Bellamy there is no debate. The mighty dollar and all that it can buy is king in his book! Until one day he buys his morning latte and screams in pain. He is horrified to find a chunk of flesh missing from his lower leg. The ER says it is obviously the result of an animal attack. Trey knows it is obviously not. So when he goes to pay the ER bill, and two fingers are chomped off  his left hand before his eyes, Trey begins a quest to find answers to more than just his spending problems. From the high-rise offices of medical research mega-corporations to the dank basements of Hoodoo priests, Trey has to figure out how to navigate a culture that runs on paying for what you need and rejecting those that can’t. But can he find an answer before spending more money and is forever consumed?

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Ok, folks. It appears the Party consists of myself and Heyes. Not that that is a problem. The guy can write!

So, if you think you can write (I call dibs on that as the next breakout reality show!) then get your wordy words down in the comments section tonight! DO IT!



Serial Rookie
Jake Bible

“When it makes a promise it must keep the promise,” the man outside the cage insisted. “Or if it does not keep the promise then the promise it has been told will happen.”
Carl just stood there, his hands on the iron bars, his eyebrows raised. “I have no idea what you are saying.”
The man outside the cage sighed and then started again, but Carl quickly interrupted him. “No, I heard you. I just have no idea why you are saying that.”
The man outside the cage looked at his notes. “OK, let’s try this. It puts the lotion…”



Disclaimer: Oh, it will get the hose again…

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Another Friday be here, yes. Another party be in full swing, I say!

This week I will do something different. It has been suggested that I post the Drabble in the body of the post instead of as a separate PDF. So I am going to give that a whirl tonight!

Please let me know if this works better for y’all. I aim to please, ya know.

This does mean that the comments section tonight is for comment on the new format AND so you can add your 100 words worth. You know how I like it when y’all play along. So far there’ve only been a couple of players with the Drabbles, but a small party is still a Party!

Have a read below and if you are inspired to add to the story, take a related tangent, create something new that follows the spirit, what have you, then please do! It is a Party after all.



We Always Do


Jake Bible

Of the Weeping Time we know. Of the Horror of Banford we know. Of the Call to All That Came Before we know.

So I sit upon my chair –the hardbacked one with the spent spring in the seat- and stare at the Fog as it crawls from the harbor, up the street, through the alley, and to my window.

Of the Fog we do not know. But we will learn.

We always do.

And those that remember, those that are left?

We shall write about it; tell tales by firelight; sing sad ballads in the pub.

We always do.


So what did you think of having those words right there in your face? I kinda like it. Let me know.


Disclaimer: Shhhhhh. The Fog can hear you…

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