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Friday Night Drabble Party!

Time again for 100 words of pure AWESOME!

But, before we dive into the micro-fiction, I need a little help.

Stone Cold Bastards is on the “Can’t Wait” Books of 2017 list on Goodreads. It’s hovering around #105. All it needs is a few more votes and it’ll break the Top 100 and get to the first page. This is a big deal, y’all. Don’t have a Goodreads account? Now’s the time to create one. In fact, if you have an Amazon account you should be able to use that. Makes signing up and logging in simple. CLICK HERE GO VOTE FOR THE BASTARDS!

Now, on with the Drabble!



All In The Hopes
Jake Bible

The swing arm creaked, its hinges not having been used in close to a decade, as Lester pulled the mic close to his lips.

“This is Lester Gomez,” he said, his voice shaky and unsure. “I’m hoping someone, anyone is out there to hear me. It’s been fifteen years since the event. Fifteen years. I finally got this transmitter station up and going. I’m using solar, wind, even a pedal bike, to power it. All in the hopes…”

He trailed off, his voice choked with emotion.

“All in the hopes I’m not the last person left alive on this planet.”



Disclaimer: Booger!

Outpost Hell Cover Reveal!

Oh, it’s almost here, y’all!

Outpost Hell!

But, until the novel is available on Amazon, how about I give you a sneak peek at the cover?

Now, to be honest, you folks aren’t getting the first look. Nope. Those that have subscribed to the mailing list got to see this beauty waaaaaaay before you. I call them the cool kids because they’re cool. You want to be cool too, right? Right? Then sign up for the mailing list and get exclusive and early access to all kinds of stuffs and things! Bam!

Now, how about a looksee at the cover?

ouheAfter an opportunistic heist gone wrong, a squad of Galactic Fleet Marines set down on a remote planet hoping to repair their badly damaged ship and resupply quickly so they can be on their way to spend their new riches.

Finding the supply outpost occupied by less than normal residents, the Marines are soon fighting for their lives against a deadly force unlike any they’ve seen on the battlefield. It’ll take all their training and skills to get out alive, let alone in one piece.









How’s that for awesome?


Friday Night Drabble Party!


Here we are again. It’s Friday. Apparently we’re getting some snow tonight. I’ll believe it when I see it. Part of moving to the mountains was because of snowy winters. Global warming took care of that! Thanks, Obama! It snowed!

Anyhoo, it’s time to get toasty and kick back for some 100 word goodness.

But, and you knew it was coming, time for a little shilling first!

Stone Cold Bastards is up for pre-order! Want to see the cover? Then click away and be transported to a magical blog post where I reveal the cover to this awesome new novel! CLICK!

Pretty awesome, right? Yeah, you’ll want to pre-order this baby. Be one of the cool kids that got in on the ground floor!

And now, on with the Drabble!



Thumb Drive
Jake Bible

The thumb drive sat on my desk for six days before I had the courage to plug it into the USB port on my computer. I should have waited six hundred days.

The files were filled with horrors. Horrors that I couldn’t imagine.

Documents, photographs, maps, sound recordings.


All of it was there on my Mac’s desktop. Just sitting there, the evidence that countless generations had hungered for. I had it.

But, for how long?

The following day the black sedans began to trail me. The men with earpieces on the street corners came next.

I haven’t stopped running.



Disclaimer: Shhhhhhh!

Stone Cold Bastards Cover Reveal!

Well, hello there!

It is time for the Stone Cold Bastards cover reveal!

This is my first novel with Bell Bridge Books, so fingers crossed it goes well. CROSS THOSE FINGERS!

But, hey, you can do more than just cross your fingers. You can pre-order the novel now! Release date is February 24th, but if you want to be one of the cool kids then you should get to pre-ordering!

Also, Bell Bridge Books does some great marketing. There will be all kinds of cool things coming to promote Stone Cold Bastards. If you want to be in the know then sign up for my mailing list. Everybody on the list got to see this cover before y’all. THEY ARE THE CHOSEN ONES! Also, I never spam. Ever. So there’s that.

Anyhoo, hope you dig the cover and get to the clickety-clickety so you can pre-order.

Thanks, y’all!


Friday Night Drabble Party!

It’s the last Drabble of 2016, y’all!


Anyhoo, hope you dig the drabble. But, before you get into the micro-fiction amazeballsness, please have a look at a couple of links below.

ROAK: Galactic Bounty Hunter

The Kickstarter for Lawless Lands: Tales From The Weird Frontier

The Mailing List- get exclusive access to live readings and other special stuffs!



Too Perfect
Jake Bible

His disguise had been too perfect.

He’d slid in through the back to steal leftovers from the kitchen before the head chef threw them into the incinerator. A month’s worth of food, destined to be burnt to dust at the end of the night.

When his chance came, he took it.

Then it all fell apart.

Trays of illicit hors d’oeuvres in hand, he was suddenly shoved into the ballroom, an angry red face yelling for him to stop standing there and get back to work. He’d been mistaken for a server because of his disguise.

His damned, perfect disguise.



Disclaimer: Mmmm, crab puffs.

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