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Friday Night Drabble Party!


Hold on, let me turn the volume down… There we go. Let’s try this again…

You!  Yes, you! You have not purchased Max Rage. I am disappointed. It’s great. The perfect summer fun read. All kinds of action and adventure, foul language and sex, many a pun and bad joke. Get on it!

Here is a picture to click to assist you in your purchasing of Max Rage: Intergalactic Badass!

Now, I bet you want a drabble? Huh? Did you click the pic and buy Max Rage? I’ll wait. I have all the time in the world.




Okay, on with the drabble!



Stupid Apocalypse
Jake Bible

“All eighty-five dead!” Wilson called out from the bottom of the chasm. “Eighty-five!”

Melors and Ralf stared down into the darkness while Crispin shook his head.

“Melors?” Crispin asked. “You ready?”

“Eighty-five, man,” Melors replied.

“It’s what you’re here for,” Ralf said.

“I know!” Melors shouted then calmed herself. “I know. But eighty-five? That’s a lot of meat.”

“We didn’t chase them here to take their wallets,” Crispin said. “You’re the professional butcher.”

Melors looked to Ralf, but he couldn’t meet her eye.

“Stupid apocalypse,” Melors muttered, stepping onto the chasm’s rope ladder. “I miss McDonalds.”



Disclaimer: You know what to do!



Friday Night Drabble Party!

Yo! Welcome to the Friday after 4th of July!

For those not in the US of A, we call this Friday “Stop shooting off fireworks, you dumb redneck sons of bitches!”.

Speaking of sons of bitches, how about that Max Rage, right? He’s one badass SOB! Hell, he’s so badass he’s Intergalactic!

But, despite being an Intergalactic Badass, Max Rage needs your help! The ebook is hovering in the charts. Not going up, not going down, just hovering. If y’all could buy a copy and give a little nudge, that’d be awesome. And, if you’ve already bought the ebook then please leave a review! Reviews are the lifeblood of authors!

Now, click the giant pic and get you some Max Rage: Intergalactic Badass!

Did ya click? I sure hope so. I sure hope so…

Drabble time!



How Droll
Jake Bible

Kitteridge never met a fight he didn’t want to join.

So, upon seeing the melee occurring just outside the door to his hotel, Kitteridge simply could not help himself.

The first person he encountered tried to snap his wrist. Kitteridge was having none of that. A strike to the throat brought a slow death.

The second person had a weapon. A lead pipe. Kitteridge found this infinitely amusing and laughed as he took the pipe and crushed the man’s head.

The third person had a pistol. He shot Kitteridge.

“A pistol. How droll,” were Kitteridge’s last words.

How droll indeed.



Disclaimer: Did ya click?

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Oh, hello!

I am so glad you made it past the swamp monster, climbed the trellis of really sharp thorns, fought the mugwomp, and leapt over the fire of questionable heat! Sorry for all the security measures, but you gotta protect against so many trolls these days, am I right?

Hey! You know who doesn’t need protection? MAX RAGE: INTERGALACTIC BADASS!

The reviews are coming in and folks are loving them some Rage!

This was a fun, raunchy, kick arse book…..plain and simple.

This was such a fun read!!

Max Rage doesn’t disappoint! From beginning to end, the storyline is chalk-full of action, violence, coarse language, and a fair amount of hilariously random farting.”

I’m super proud of the random farting. 🙂

Get Max Rage: Intergalactic Badass now!

Now, on with the drabble!



First Step
Jake Bible

“First step skipped. Third gate on the right. Duck.”

Lionel held the weathered piece of paper and read the line of instructions over and over, the dark tunnel waiting before him. Lightning flashed over the snow capped mountains far behind. Five seconds later, thunder rolled, shaking the air and making Lionel jump.

“Ok. I can do this. Just follow the instructions and I’ll be fine.”

He knelt and made sure his boot laces were tied tight then stood again, sighed, and walked into the tunnel.

He screamed the entire three hundred feet down.

He forgot to skip the first step.



Disclaimer: You can’t run from the Rage!

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Is it Friday already? Woo, this week flew by, y’all. At least for me.

So, how are y’all doing?

Okay, enough about you. How about we talk about Max Rage: Intergalactic Badass! Check the cover below! Click the cover below! Buy the book!

Bam diggity!

Also, I dropped a new video in my YouTube Writing Advice series. Check it out!

What else? Hmmm, oh, yes, tonight’s drabble!



Jake Bible

“Mungo Jerry.”

“Huh? Hand me that saw.”

“Mungo Jerry. That’s the guy that sang Summertime.”

“Pretty sure Summertime was from Porgy and Bess. Hand me the saw, dude.”

“Here. Porgy and Bess? What the hell is that?”



“Cute. Need that length of chain there, too. No. Yeah, that one.”

“That’s a lot of blood.”

“Yeah, my bad.”

“In The Summertime! That’s the name. Is the Gershwin one that Janice Joplin song, too?”

“Yeah. What’s the other one? Screwdriver.”

“Here. You know. Some sixties song where he goes da doo dah dah a bunch.”

“Right. I like that one.”



Disclaimer: No one ignores Max Rage!

Friday Night Drabble Party!

Happy Friday, y’all!

Time for another edition of the Friday Night Drabble Party! Huzzah!

But, before we get into the 100 words of greatness, how about you check out the brand spanking new audiobook edition of The Flipside? DO IT! CHECK IT OUT!

Get yourself to The Flipside!

Oh, and something cool is NPR’s Summer Reader Poll! You can nominate a horror series! Like, say, Z-Burbia! Wouldn’t that be cool? GO DO IT!

Now, on with the drabble!



Paper Cup
Jake Bible

Dash ignored the man shaking the tattered paper cup up at him from the sidewalk. Lawrence paused and dropped some change in the cup. Dash waited until they’d walked a few yards away before turning to glare at Lawrence.

“Why’d you do that? Don’t encourage the bums,” Dash said.

“Bum? Oh, that’s Michael Namath. You know, the famous writer?” Lawrence replied.

“What? Him? He looks homeless,” Dash said, glancing back over his shoulder at the disheveled man, cup still held up for those that cared.

“Oh, he is homeless. He’s a writer,” Lawrence replied. “So, I’m thinking sushi for lunch.”



Disclaimer: The Flipside in your earholes!

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