The Grand Plan…partial

So I am going to share some of my Grand Plan with y’all. Come on, stop groaning, it’ll be brief…

Send me money. There that’s my plan. If a million of you send me a dollar, then this whole thing paid off.


Okay, I’ll get serious. I plan on releasing a new episode every two weeks or so if possible (starting around October). Time is my currency though and frankly I’m broke. (That means I don’t have much free time). So some episodes may come out every two weeks and some may come out every three or four weeks. I know, it’s disappointing.

But, the cool thing is that all of these episodes will be my rough drafts. And you get to help me with them! Once I have the entire podcast novel completed, I’ll then do a little re-writing based on all the feedback I have collected and re-release the podcast novel, updated and edited. I am hoping by then I’ll also have a full grasp of all the technological complexities that podcasting entails.

Why take a year to write a rough draft and why even bother releasing podcasts if they are going to be replaced at some point anyway? Simple, coming from a theatre background, I consider this the dress rehearsal. You are my audience giving me those final show notes on what works and what doesn’t. It also gives me a chance to build a fan base for Dead Mech and to connect and communicate with people that are interested in the project. This means when it comes time to do a full scale, media blitz launch, I’ll have a solid foundation to work from. And some great friends and allies in my corner helping me succeed.

The whole point of this entire project is to create a novel that is interesting and fun and can be spun off into as many types of media as interest will allow. Writer’s talk about ‘world building’ and that is what I want to do. I want to build a world people will gladly come spend time in, to escape to and to enjoy. Even if it is a zombie wasteland populated by mechanized killing machines. And cannibals, don’t forget the cannibals.

So please, don’t hold back, give me your critiques, insight and two-cents. I’m ready for it all.

With that said, I am the author, the ego fueling this crazy Rookie train heading to God-knows-where. And in the end it’s my story, my characters and my ass hanging out there. So while I will respect everyone’s opinion, and be forever grateful for all involved, at the end of the day my word is final. Unless I re-write.

Thanks again everyone for hanging with me in the Blogosphere, Blogtown, Blogotopia, I truly appreciate it. Keep in touch.


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