Announcing Friday Night Drabble Party!

Howdy Folks!

Welcome to the very first Friday Night Drabble Party!

I have decided that each Friday evening I will post one of my non-Dead Mech drabbles, since it could be a while between Dead Mech podcasts. It’s a free .pdf that you can read at your leisure.

Any and all comments are welcome and encouraged. If you like it, please blog about it, email it to friends and family, link to it on Facebook, Twitter, your personal website, whatever floats your boat.

So check out tonight’s drabble, “Design Flaw” and enjoy! It’s a fun bit of SciFi irony.

As always, thanks for checking my site out and hope to talk to y’all soon!


PS- All of my writing is protected by the same Creative Commons license as my podcasts. Feel free to share it all you like, but don’t change anything or try to make any money off of it unless you have express permission from me, the author.

Publishers: feel free to contact me about using any of my drabbles for your publication. I am open to alternative payment options. Thanks!

Disclaimer: In general, I write explicit fiction. Some drabbles may not be suitable for younger or socially immature individuals. Please read at your own risk! If you are offended by the material presented, I am sorry and suggest you go back to watching Veggie Tales. (I kid, who doesn’t love talking vegetables thinking they are on a mission from God?)

Design Flaw

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