Friday Night Drabble Party!

Friday Night Drabble Party cannot be stopped!

It was postponed for a week, but not stopped.

Since you didn’t get your taste of my warped brain last week, here is a double dose to make up for it!

It’s a bit chilly outside for most of the USA right now, so I thought tonight’s theme should be skin crawling goodness. Get those goosebumps a goosin’!

Your two drabbles for the evening are “Exposed” and “Unwanted Boarder”.



Unwanted Boarder

Disclaimer: I don’t really have a disclaimer tonight other than the usual: I am messed up in my brain pan and my fiction may reflect that. Or these stories may be about cute, little kittens…with horns and fangs and AK-47s living in a dystopian future as our evil overlords! Hmmm… That’s a good one. Enjoy the drabbles, I have fiction to write!

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