Friday Night Drabble Party!

Welcome back to Friday Night Drabble Party!

Not sure what a drabble is? Check out my “What’s A Drabble?” page, it, um, tells you what a drabble is…

So, Spring hasn’t quite sprung here in Appalachia, but it sure isn’t a frozen wasteland of ice, snow and dirty, nasty slush anymore. Nope, now it’s just mud. Lots and lots of mud…

So, in honor of warmer weather and Springtime dreams, I give you “The Greatest Day Of Her Life”. It’s a heart warming tale of a bride gone bad. Bridezilla? Hardly. More like Bride Torrance… (That’s a Shining reference. Get it? Oh, never mind…)


The Greatest Day Of Her Life

Disclaimer: Blood, so much blood… And cake! Okay, there isn’t any cake. I lied. Sorry. But there is blood! Yeah blood!

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