Dead Mech Episode 14!

And now presenting, Dead Mech Episode 14!

Thank you, thank you, ahhh, you’re all too kind!

BIG HUGE THANKS to everyone that has stepped up to meet The Challenge! You’ve all done an amazing job and we are getting close to the goal! Just a few more subscribers and I’ll be able to start dropping an episode of Dead Mech each week.

Great promos at the end of the episode. Scott Sigler’s THE STARTER is on pre-sale starting April 1st! Check that out.

Also, a promo for Dead Robots Society, which I have recently discovered and am LOVING! Great discussions about writers and writing and everything in-between.

Well, enough of me, you better go listen to the episode.


Dead Mech Episode 14

Show notes:
Title graphic by Ed Delaney
Find ED at

Intro and Outro music from

Intro is “Miles And Miles” by Laika Cres
Outro is “Destroy” by The Eternal


THE STARTER by Scott Sigler

Dead Robots Society

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