Dead Mech Episode 15!

Dead Mech Episode 15 is here and rip-roaring ready to go!

I think y’all are going to like this one. June really comes into her own in this episode. I originally set her up as a victim to illustrate the crazy cults in the wasteland, but damn if she didn’t grow on me.

Big thanks to everyone that has signed up on the FB fan page, the forum and that have started following me on Twitter. And a BIGGER thanks to those that stepped up to The Challenge to get those people there. We are almost there folks, almost time for a weekly release schedule. Who knows, maybe next week?


Enough of my typer-tapper, here is:

Dead Mech Episode 15


Show notes:
Title graphic by Ed Delaney
Find ED at

Intro and Outro music from

Intro is “Miles And Miles” by Laika Cres
Outro is “Destroy” by The Eternal


The Drabblecast

THE STARTER by Scott Sigler

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