The Death Match Interview! Now with less death!

What’s this? A bonus episode!

Don’t say I don’t give you nothin’! Which you better not be saying anyway since Dead Mech is freakin’ free!

Serving World’s John Mierau Interviews Jake Bible (that’s me if you didn’t already know) & Paul Elard Cooley (The FiendMaster: Closet Treats, Tatoo, Fiends).

We chat about our writing styles, literary influences, why we podcast for free and probably some other stuff that you can’t hear over Cooley’s foul mouth!


The Death Match Interview

Show Notes:

John Mierau

Paul Elard Cooley

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  1. So Jake where are our pictrues of the microphone?

  2. Oh god, I just listened to the interview and the last two minutes literally had me rolling on the floor laughing. Keep up the good work and post the site for mic. donations, I’ll pitch in a buck or two for better sound quality.

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