Dead Mech Episode 18!

Dead Mech Episode 18 is gonna mess you up! MESS YOU UP!

Well, maybe not mess you up, but ruffle your feathers…if you have feathers, which would be weird…

Anyhoo, you will notice that my intro sounds better than the rest of the audio. That’s because of my new mic! Let’s all thank George Starcher for this! He graciously donated the mic to the Dead Mech cause. (Yes, there’s a Dead Mech cause. It is dedicated to the preservation of mechs and their families. I’m putting together a telethon soon.)

So, enough about me! Enjoy!

Dead Mech Episode 18

Show notes:
Title graphic by Ed Delaney
Find ED at

Intro and Outro music from

Intro is “Miles And Miles” by Laika Cres
Outro is “Destroy” by The Eternal


Jennifer Hudock

Scott Roche

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