Dead Mech Episode 25!

Here it is folks! The end of the FINAL CHAPTER of DEAD MECH!

Yes, I know there will be an Epilogue, but this episode could be counted as the end. Or can it?

Don’t worry, there’ll be more DEAD MECH in the future. I gots plans!

So enjoy the episode and be sure to post any questions you have on the forum (link is to the right).

Cheers y’all!

Dead Mech Episode 25

Show notes:
Title graphic by Ed Delaney
Find ED at

Intro and Outro music from

Intro is “Miles And Miles” by Laika Cres
Outro is “Destroy” by The Eternal


ANCESTOR By Scott Sigler

HARVEY By Phil Rossi

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  1. Awesome story Jake!!! Cant wait to buy the print version and can’t wait for more form your twisted mind!!!! Loved dead mech!!

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