Brain Squeezin’s!

Hey Y’all!

Welcome to the first episode of Brain Squeezin’s: Short Fiction from the mind of Jake Bible!

So, including DEAD MECH and SFTA, I now have three separate series in the feed! Not bad for having only been podcasting for a year!

This week’s story is “Leather Belts And Wooden Spoons”. It is a bit of Dark Fantasy/Horror.

I will warn you that, just like my other works, it is explicit and recommended for adult audiences only. Not sure if I put that in my quick intro.

Speaking of intros, I haven’t created an official one for Brain Squeezin’s yet. I’m really still looking for the intro music. If anyone has any suggestions (creative commons only) then please let me know.

So sit back and get ready for “Leather Belts And Wooden Spoons”!


Brain Squeezin’s: Leather Belts And Wooden Spoons

Show Notes:

All music is by Kevin McLeod

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