Brain Squeezin’s

Welcome to the 2nd episode of Brain Squeezin’s, the short fiction podcast from the mind of Jake Bible, which is me, but you already know that since you are on my website, but just in case you accidenataly stumbled here then I guess that’s good info to have!

(deeeeeeeeep breath)

So, this week’s bit of tasty squeezin’s is called “Another Happy New Year In The Apocalypse…”.

While only 500 words long (it’s my introduction of the Quintrabble!) it’s not for the squeamish.

Seriously, some of you won’t like this one. Some of you will. Those that REALLY like it need some major therapy.

Also, don’t forget that signed/personalized copies of DEAD MECH will only be available from me until October 31st (that’s Halloween to you and me, Russ) so go order your copy now!


Brain Squeezin’s: Another Happy New Year In The Apocalypse…

Show Notes:

All music is by Kevin McLeod

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