Brain Squeezin’s!

Welcome back to Brain Squeezin’s, the short fiction podcast from the mind of Jake Bible!

Today’s episode is near and dear to me since the voices featured are actually my very own kids! Yep, I’ve enlisted the Fam into my podcast madness.

This story, “Kids Will Be Kids”, was perfect for full cast recording since: A- it is only 360 words long, making it easy to record and edit, and B- it’s a diaologue story, meaning there isn’t any description, only characters speaking.

We had fun with this one and I hope y’all like it! While it is listed as explicit, it really is PG with the language. I just mark everything explicit since sometimes my intros can be a bit blue.


Brain Squeezin’s: Kids Will Be Kids

Show Notes:

All music is by Kevin McLeod

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