What defines me…

I figure for my first real blog post I would talk about my favorite subject: ME!
In all seriousness (stop laughing), I just want to take a few moments and explain my life and creative process. Everyone has their own ideas and expectations for writers, and before I started writing in earnest I did too, but very few people actually understand the reality of a writer’s life.

Here is my reality and my priorities (some of them):
I am a Father and a Husband. This is numero uno. There is no wiggle room in this priority. There isn’t enough money in the world to take this off the top of the list. I can honestly say that. Without my family there is zero point to any of this. This truly defines the way I work, what I work on and how much time I put into my work. Understand this when you wonder why I don’t work harder at podcasting, promotion, conventions, interviews, getting novels out quicker, etc. I have a full time job being a Father and Husband.

Next, I do work full time. This means the majority of my life is spent making a living other than writing. It would be great to write full time at some point, but the reality of that happening is slim. Why slim? There are many statistics regarding how many writers make a living at it, but the biggest is this: only between 5-10 percent of novelists make enough money to do it full time. Now think about how only 5-10 percent of all writers ever get a novel published and you can understand just how difficult it is to be a full time writer (novelist, at least, which is what I am).

So, when you take into account The Fam and the job, it’s amazing I get anything written at all.

Now, I have to be 100% honest. Even though I haven’t seen a penny of profit from any of my writing, money is my true motivation to write. GASP! I know, I know, I can hear so many of you saying, “It’s not about the art?”, “What about the creative process?”, “You don’t do it just to entertain?”. Nope. I am not an artist that can produce art for art’s sake. Never have been. I grew up in a very artistic household and was surrounded by art for art’s sake. Not my thing. Even when I would play with ceramics, I would make something functional: an incense holder, a bowl, a pen holder, etc. Now, this doesn’t mean I don’t believe in my art, or that I am a commercial whore. I will only write what I want to write and will not just crank something out for money’s sake. BUT, if I don’t feel an idea is commercially viable then I will shelve that idea and work on something I do feel is commercially viable. It’s just how I am wound.

Last, I am hedonistic in nature. If it isn’t fun for me then I’m not doing it. Now, being a Father, I know that there is stuff that HAS to be done. That’s just reality. But, really, if writing, podcasting, promotion, etc ever becomes more work than it’s worth, well, then that will be the end of the story. No more Jake Bible novels. I can honestly say that. Really.

With ALL of that said there are two certainties in my life: I love my family more than anything and will kick anyone’s ass that tries to come between me and them. And, I love to write. I truly, truly, truly love to write. I don’t plan on quitting either of these passions, so there really isn’t any risk of me getting divorced or splitting from the novel scene.

Do I sound like a bummer? I’m not. I am actually a hopeless dreamer. I believe in positive thought as the strongest force out there. No one ever got anything done by being a pessimist. Unless their goal is to bring everyone down, then they succeed all too often. I have high hopes for my life and writing and have VERY big dreams I plan on fulfilling. I don’t settle for partial realization. If I set my mind to something I will accomplish it. It’s just how I’m made up.

How is that for a first blog post? I think it lives up to my reputation for quality rambling. What do you think?

Feel free to chime in and take me to task if you want. Or agree 100% and be the sycophantic following I’ve always hoped for!

Thanks everyone for everything you do out there. Trust me, I appreciate the fact that I even have a forum to post my gobbledy-gook. I may sound like a self-involved wanker, but I do truly appreciate each and every person that has taken the time to support me and to read and/or listen to my work. Without you I’m just talking to air!

Cheers Y’all!


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