Hey you, The Reader! Sound off now!

Hello, Readers! Welcome!

Today’s post is all about you the reader. Not about the writer or the publisher or about what the industry is doing right now. Nope, it’s all about getting to know you better.

Seriously, we, as writers, are all so wrapped up in the “business” that we forget a key component to why we write: because there are readers out there!

And, you know what? We honestly have no idea what you want from us. Really. Sure, we know what you want to read (fantasy, horror, scifi, Care Bears picture books), but we don’t know the “why” part. Or, more specifically, the “why’d you pick that book and not the other” part.

So, I have decided to put together a questionnaire (see below) to ask for your direct input. Now, since I’m obsessed with ebooks right now, the questionnaire is ebook centered. But, there’s a part at the end where you can go off about whatever you want! Vent away!

I know what you’re thinking right now, “What’s in it for me, the reader?” Great question! Download the questionnaire, fill it all out and email it to me at jakedbible AT gmail.com (don’t forget the “d” between jake and bible) and I will send you coupon codes to download the short story of your choice from my offerings on Smashwords. You, dear reader, get free fiction! Hurray, huzzah, hu-, um, I can’t think of another hu word.

Are you game? You got some time to fill this crazy, self-absorbed writer in on what motivates you, the reader?

I really like saying, “the reader”. It’s just fun.

Click below and download that questionnaire, fill that puppy out and shoot it back to me for your free fiction!


You The Reader: A Questionnaire

And don’t forget to set your calendars for the DEAD MECH Kindle Rush on March 1st! Details on the page above!

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  1. Sent my survey back to you at the first email address listed 🙂

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