The Americans Episode 2!

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Americans!

Soooooo, what’d ya think of episode 1? I’ve heard from a lot of folks that they loved the first episode and can’t wait for more. Well, here is more!

I’m not gonna prattle on, so let’s get right into the episode!

The Americans Episode 2

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the March 1st DEAD MECH Kindle chart rush! Gonna rock those charts!


Show Notes:

All music by Kevin MacLeod at


Michael Parry
Veronica Giguere
Dead Robots Society

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  1. OK so I’m riding the train IN to London listening to when our American heroes are trying to get OUT of London. I was crossing the Thames at Richmond as the river was mentioned.

    Where abouts on the Thames was the ill fated detention centre?

    Loving the new story already and am now reminded as to why I normally wait for an entire series to finish before I start listening!!!!!

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