The Americans Episode 5!

You came back! Yay!


Welcome back to another episode of The Americans. If you haven’t been paying attention, The Americans is the sidequel to DEAD MECH.

There are some great promos at the end of today’s episode, be sure and listen to them. Links are found below in the show notes.

Thanks again for everyone’s help with the DEAD MECH Kindle chart rush. I still have sales trickling in. Know anyone that would like DEAD MECH? Then send them to my BUY THE FICTION page. Kindle, Nook and Smashwords is only $3.99!

Allright, time to let you get to the podcast.


The Americans Episode 5

Show Notes:

ļ»æļ»æļ»æAll music by Kevin MacLeod atĀ


Paul E. Cooley atĀ

Ben Delano atĀ

Hugh O’Donnell atĀ

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